THARO SYSTEMS, INC. Quality Products for Quality Customers Tharo continues to strive for excellence and quality in the Auto ID

Industry. As part of an ongoing effort to provide high-quality products, we are proud to offer EASYLABEL 5 as the newest addition to the Why was EASYLABEL 5 developed?

Because YOU, our customers asked for it, by supplying Tharo with a comprehensive list of requests and suggestions, that YOU wanted to see in the ideal label and bar coding software package! ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

Whats New in EASYLABEL 5? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? Graphical User Interface (GUI)

EASYLABEL 5 has a new (GUI) design that anyone familiar with todays office applications Format Browser Keeping track of the fields that exist on your format is a SNAP ! Browse the expandable Tree

structure by: Field s Field Type Source of Data Increment/Decrement Fields Conditional Fields Hidden Fields Fonts

Field Properties: Tabbed Dialog boxes! New tabbed dialog boxes with logically organized properties make it easy to locate the properties that you want to change. Tools for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Solutions With the following new options and functions EASYLABEL 5 will help you with your FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance solution.

Updated User Sign-On and Password Options New User Logging Options Advanced Audit Trail Options Hazardous Chemical Risk and Safety In the past, chemical labeling was a complicated and difficult task when multilingual Risk and Safety phrases were involved.

EASYLABEL 5 provides the following tools to design these complicated labels with certainty! A new field type called Block Text has been added. Block Text is similar to a paragraph field but the contents of that field may come from more than one source of data. A Database Cross Reference makes it possible to pull in data, such as Risk and Safety phrases, from several different databases.

EAN/UCC 128 Wizard EASYLABEL 5s new EAN/UCC 128 bar code wizard makes creating EAN/UCC bar codes a FAST and EASY process. In a simple 4-step process the wizard prompts you for the required information and then builds the bar code automatically. 3214 (00) 0 06 14141 1234567890

EAN/UCC 128 02 is the Item # of goods that are contained within another unit 15 is the Sell by Date 10 is the Batch or Lot Number 37 is the Quantity of Units contained in the Unit (For use with A102 only) 00 is the SSCC-18

EASYLABEL 5 features 2 new Bar Codes MicroPDF417, a special version PDF417, is specifically designed to provide greater space efficiency for small item marking applications. Its smaller size makes it ideal to encode the manufacturer, item code, and traceability code on electronic components or in any other application that requires a very small label. EASYLABEL 5 features 2 new Bar Codes

Reduced Space Symbology is a linear symbology that facilitates omnidirectional scannin 14 is smaller than EAN-13 or UPC-A and is designed to be us where conventional bar codes will not work because of space restrictions. Integrated Access Database Structure Performance

EASYLABEL 5 supports Microsofts ActiveX Data Objects (ADO). The ADO database provides you with the fastest, easiest and most productive means for accessing all kinds of data sources! Powerful Databaseview is a new new database editor that uses Microsoft OLE DB. This editor

natively supports the Microsoft Access database structure allowing YOU to edit and create Access databases from within Powerful In addition to natively supporting Access databases, the Databaseview Editor can view and edit almost any database structure (including dBASE, Paradox, Oracle, Microsoft

FoxPro, etc.) with the appropriate drivers. The appearance of EASYLABEL 5 can be changed to suit the requirements of individual users by customizing which colors are used in the program and which toolbars are displayed. EASYLABEL 5 is now available in 11 languages!

Save As Image File Function EASYLABEL 5 gives you the ability to save a label format as one of several different image file formats. This function can be used for archival purposes or the image file can be viewed by someone

who does not have EASYLABEL 5 installed! Hardware Key Features You have your CHOICE of hardware keys, for use on the Parallel (Centronics) port or the USB (Universal Serial Bus). In the unlikely event that the hardware key fails,

EASYLABEL 5 will function for 7 days giving you plenty of time to get a replacement key. There is no longer any downtime! Best of all... Because we

guarantee quality products at an affordable price, Database Capabilities are now available in the GOLD

ITS POWERFUL ITS SLEEK ITS FEATURE-RICH ITS EASYLABEL 5 Your solutions provider for demanding

Bar Code labeling applications.

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