The 12 Disciples - Bingo

The 12 Disciples - Bingo

The 12 Disciples - Bingo 1.Judas Iscariot 2.Simon (St Peter) 3.Andrew 4.James 1 5.John 6.Phillip

1.Thomas 2.Matthew 3.James 2 4.Thaddeus 5.Simon 6. Matthias 7. Paul Candidates to replace Judas

after Jesus death. Matthias (12th Apostle) - Peter declared that they must choose another to take the place of Judas. Matthias was chosen as the twelfth Apostle since he was present with Jesus Christ during his time on Earth as well as through his crucifixion.

James 2 He is one of the disciples that very little is known about. James father shared his name with the father of Matthew and it is possible that they were brothers; however, this cannot be known for certain Phillip - was slow to recognize Jesus;

however, once he found Jesus he was quick to share His greatness with his friend Nathanael Bartholomew. Not a lot is known about Phillip. Simon - The interesting thing about Simon is that he is never mentioned throughout The Bible, except to list his name as one of the twelve disciples.

1.James 1 James was a fisherman with John (his brother) and Peter. Jesus nicknamed both James and John Sons of Thunder, because of their bad tempers. Thaddeus - There is some confusion as to whether Thaddeus was the brother or son of James but it is

known that they were related. Thaddeus was not a leader of the twelve disciples and he is not mentioned often throughout The Bible. Paul (the other candidate for 12th Apostle) Paul was known as a persecutor of Christians and a Roman citizen until his conversion to

Christianity. Thomas The phrase doubting Thomas come from Thomas reluctance to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. Although he was gloomy, Thomas was a full believer in Christ and followed Him loyally throughout His life.

Matthew writer of the first Gospel. He always refers to himself as Matthew the tax collector making note of the fact that he was once a sinner even though he followed the path of Christ. Andrew (Peters brother) the first disciple called by Jesus. He left his life as a fisherman to serve as one of

the two disciples of John the Baptist. While John the Baptist sent Andrew to Jesus. Judas Iscariot - Judas was the disciple who did not truly believe in the love of Jesus and when the chief priests were looking for a way to arrest Jesus Judas provided them with that way by identifying Jesus with a

kiss in return for thirty pieces of silver. Simon (St Peter) - Peter is characterized as a strong willed and courageous man; however, at times he could be quick to speak and impulsive. Peter held firm belief in the teachings of Christ.

Bartholomew - Bartholomew is known for being an honest man who was convinced by Jesus greatness upon his meeting with Him. Not a lot is known about him. John Wrote 5 books of the bible. John was particularly devoted to Jesus and is claimed to be the closest of all twelve disciples to Jesus, never

straying far from him. The Discipleship Challenge Learning Outcomes Understand what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Identify the characteristics required to

be a disciple of Christ. Justify why your team possesses the characteristics/skills/beliefs required of a disciple. Task You are all budding Disciples! However, not all of us can become Disciples. Unfortunately Jesus is not available to make the decision.

So, Sir Alan (Miss Grattidge) and others will decide which budding Disciples should be HIRED! Your Group Challenge You must come up with an Advertisement campaign attracting people to Discipleship.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: You must nominate a Project Manger (PM) The PM is the team decision maker and is responsible for the team. The PM is required to explain after the presentation why their group choose to do their

Advertisement campaign the way they have. The PM must explain the teams decision process. ! ! ! e v ti

a e r c Be You can either: Make a TV advert/Drama A radio Advert/Drama A poster

You could do a mix of both You may also come up with other ideas but they must be ran by Sir Alan. Your advertisement/presentation must not last longer than 5 minutes. Success Criteria Your Advertisement should include : An explanation of what a Disciple is. An outline of what a Disciple does. The qualities/skills/talents Disciples need.

The benefits of being a Disciple. Presentation time! Pre Board Room create a speech explaining why you would make a brilliant disciple. Give it a title.

How did you contribute to your team? What did you do? What qualities have you shown? What further skills, qualities, or talents could you bring to discipleship? Why would Jesus pick you if he was

hiring today? Key Words Discipleshi p Loyalty Unique Faithful Bravery Love

Chosen Conversion Obedient Trusting The Board Room The PM will now choose one person from their team to compete to win discipleship (it can be the PM if the team agree). All competitors will then face Sir Alan and

perhaps others and battle it out in the board room. They will have to explain why they will be the best Disciple. Presentation time! Youre Hired! ONE OF YOU WILL BE HIRED BASED ON

YOUR RESPONSES Audience Participation Once Sir Alan has made his decision, the audience will vote on whether the correct decision was made. Using the whiteboards the audience will either write YES or NO. Some members of the audience will be picked to explain their vote.


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