The American Dream -

The American Dream -

Introduction Welcome to Ms. Carmichaels English 3 Class Creating a poem about me, myself and I! Name:_____________ Title (of Poem):_________________ Directions: Fill in the blanks appropriately I will never_____________________ I will never _____________________

according to you as a And I will never __________________ person! I will always_____________________ To consider my biggest dream fulfilled I would have to ______________________ by _____________________ Example Ms. Carmichael ABSOLUTE Affirmation I will never give up,

I will never bungee jump, And I will never crush a dream. I will always see the daffodils in March as absolute truth of the power of optimism. My goal for this year is to do my best to make sure all my students are successful. The American Dream An Introduction Suite Madame Blue Wife or prominent

female figure Sweet Suite Homophones Color A woman who runs a brothel Homonyms

Feeling What is America beingPersonified: personified Giving human as in this song? Wife or prominent female figure qualities to A womannon something

who runs a human brothel What is your evidence? Annotate as you listen What is America being personified as in this song? Wife or prominent female figure

A woman who runs a brothel What is your evidence? Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph drawing a conclusion and defending your response with at least one SPECIFIC example from the song. Discussion Turn to the person sitting behind you and compare your responses. If you disagree, try to persuade them to your point of view

with your evidence. If you agree, add to your evidence. What is the tone of the song? TONE: Attitude of the authorhow does the author feel about the subject? I wait long ago Im a fool I long for the past Discuss with your partner and

come to a consensus on a tone using a good adjective. Identify Opinions Given the tone and personification, how does the artist feel about current America? Identify Your Opinions How would you personify America? Explain your choice and why in 1-2 sentences on the card provided. Turn in to

the 4th period box before you leave. Great beginnings page 10 Writing handbook. Definition in your own words Part of speech? PERSONIFICATION Picturewhat does it look like? Use it in a sentence

Personification Review Choose one of the following ideas to personify in your own way. You should have a minimum of five sentences when you are done. Trees Leaves River Ocean Stars

Flame Car Chair Cup Paper Computer Chainsaw

Campfire Sun Clouds Pluto (planet) Example: Regular, boring sentence: The train whistle blew in the night. Personified sentence: The lonely train whistle cried out in the night.

Phillis Wheatley First African American in the United States to publish a book of poetry. Published in England first Document had to be signed by men who had examined and found her to be worthy and smart enough to be a poet. To His Excellency, General George Washington Ode to George Washington. America is personified as the goddess Columbia.

female counterpart of Christopher Columbus (District of Columbia, Columbia pictures, Columbia records etc.) Often depicted holding a liberty pole, propping up a shield of the United States, standing beside a bust or depiction of George Washington, or offering food to a bald eagle. Personifying America Author Styx

Wheatley Background Tone Why do you think these interpretations are so different? Main idea Look over your notes from yesterday

The American Dream is a national ethos of the US in which freedom includes a promise of the possibility of prosperity and success. In Styx opinion, has the American Dream How do the poems show that changed from Wheatleys day to today? Explain. the

American vision or ideal has changed? Theme Broad idea or message that is conveyed by a work. What is one theme that we have already looked at? Phyllis Wheatley: 1753-1784 Styx: 1970s-1980s

You: 1990s-2000s How would you personify America? Positive Queen/Princess Well respected celebrity Soldier Mother/Father/ Caregiver Negative

Drunk Gambler Not respected celebrity Hacker Thief Your Turn Define your idea of the American Dream and personify America. Thinking about current events and the two poems we looked at today, how would you personify America? Would she be the goddess that Wheatley sees or the lady of questionable morals Styx sees? Decide how

you would like to personify her and write a poem based on your ideas. Remember to think about the American dream definition and what it means to you. Your poem should have at least 10 well thought out lines Writing is NOT Scary Why is writing an important skill to master? What kind of papers do you typically write? What shape is your writing?

Audience, Mode and Purpose Your audience is simple to determine. Essentially, you ask yourself: to whom am I writing? Academic Audiences vs. Non-Academic Audiences Identify the audience for the following types of writingBe Specific

1. The New York Timestype of Americans? 2.AmericansWhat A memo from an employer 3. A love -Newletter Yorkers 4. A text you send to your mother -Educated 5. A text you send to your friend -Businesspersons 6. Harry Potter -Liberals

7. Fifty Shades of Grey This requires good NOUNS and ADJECTIVES REMEMBER? Great beginnings page 10 Writing handbook. Mode: Narrative Writing: -relates a personal experience -tells a story based on a real or imagined

events. -culminates in theme Expository Writing: -gives information -explains something -clarifies a process -defines a concept Persuasive Writing: -attempts to convince the reader of something -based on a topic that is limited, debatable, and meaningful.

Descriptive Writing: -describes an object, place, or person -helps reader visualize description The main purpose of this mode is To entertain or to explain/teach or to reflect To inform To persuade

To explain/teach or to reflect Sub-Modes Personal Narrative Narrative Fiction Compare and Contrast Division Classification Exemplification Definition Reaction

Argumentative Writing First you have to decide Positive Queen/Princess Well respected celebrity Soldier Mother/Father/ Caregiver Negative Drunk Gambler

Not respected celebrity Hacker Thief Reckless Selfish Risk taker Gambler Rich/poor

Come up with at least 6 adjectives that describe what you chose. America is reckless because Reckless America is a risk taker because Risk taker America is selfish because

Selfish Gambler America is rich/poor because Rich/poor How do these adjectives apply to America? Use literary elements.. PERSONIFICATION Simile America is like a gambler

Onomatopoeia Pow! Bang! Whap! Ooh! Alliteration The garish gambler

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