THE ANCIENT OLMEC BY: Jose Montero GEOGRAPHY The Olmec civilization is an area on the South Coast of the Gulf of Mexico coastal plain of the Southern Veracruz and Tabasco, it is called that because of the concentration of a large number of Olmec structure, as well as the greatest Olmec sites. The area of

the Olmec civilization is about 125 miles long and 50 miles wide, with the Coatzalcoalcos River system running through the middle. RELIGION Olmec Gods were many and varied. Some were summoned for healing. Others represented dark powers, and some mischievous. Religion was very strong integral part of their

culture. The Olmec practiced Shamanism. They believed each individual has an animal spirit. Some believed that the sun was a part of their worshiping along with the Jaguar. They also made gigantic stone heads, some scientists believe that they are statues of the ancient rulers. ACHIEVMENTS The Olmecs

established trade with other native groups in Central America, they developed agriculture, they made pyramids, and created intricate artwork in pottery, stone, and jade. The ritual ball game played by later tribes in the religion may have to do with the Olmecs.

POLITICAL SYSTEM The vast majority of the Olmecs lived in villages similar to present day villages and hamlets in Tabasco and Veracruz. The individual dwellings would consist of a house, an associated learn-to, and one or more storage pits (similar in function to a

root cellar). ECONOMICS The Olmec economy centered around agricultural production, though there is evidence that they may have had to fight against over growth of wild vegetation the would have competed

with crops. SOCIAL STRUCTURE The Shaman Craftsm en Farmers Shaman is the leader,

the Craftsman are the normal workers, and the Farmers are the QUICK FACTS They possibly invented a game based on soccer

They built pyramids different than the Egyptians They were polytheistic They built colossal heads of their leaders out of stone OLMEC ESSAY One of the strongest civilizations is the Olmec.

The Olmec influenced many other civilizations that have flourished. The Olmec have invented many things. Some things they invented were colossal heads made of stone, pyramids, and a game that influenced soccer. Actually, the Olmec are very witty people. QUICK QUIZ 1) What game did the Olmecs 2) 3) 4)

5) influenced ? What are the colossal heads made of ? Who were the colossal heads based on ? Who was the leader ? Who dont you want to be ? BIBLIOGRAPHY ANSWERS 1) SOCCER 2) STONE 3) OLMEC LEADERS 4) SHAMAN 5) A FARMER

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