The - Arianna Pisapia

The - Arianna Pisapia

T H E U N IT ED KINGDOM The UK is m ade up by f our countr England, S ies: cotland, W ales and No Ireland. rthern K C A J

N O I N U E TH of the United g a fl e th is ,

ck ion Ja nown as the Un k o ls a , g la F n The Unio Kingdom. gs: ion of three fla

n u e th f o d se It is compo d) l flag of Englan a n o ti a

n e h (t ss St. George's Cro and) nal flag of Scotl o ti a n e h (t ss

ro d) St. Andrew's C Northern Irelan f o g a fl l a n o ti ss (the na n

St. Patrick's Cro art of the Unio p ot n is s, e al of W e national flag d Wales was th te , n

ea o g cr s ra a d w d g re The ion Fla en the first Un h

w se u ca e b k Jac with England. already united trovano anche magnifiche collezioni d'arte. Nello spazio antistante l'edificio, costruito all'inizio England England is the largest country of the United Kingdom. The capital city of England is London

The most famous tourist attractions are the Big Ben Big Ben isnt the clock on the tower, but just the bell inside it. Houses of Parliament The Hous es of Parliamen t is where the two Ho uses of the

Parliament (Houses of Commons and Lords) meet for p olitical purposes. Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace is the official home of the British It is also a famous tourist

Monarch attraction because of the in London. Queens Royal guards. . Queen Elizabeth II The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II who is also the Head of the Commonwealt h

Every morning at half past eleven people all over the world come to see the changing of the guards. The guards protect the Queen day and night. They wear red uniforms and black bearskins. Famous People Many important people come from England such as Shakespeare, Tolkien and Newton

Shakespeare Tolkien Newton Parks The most famous parks are Hyde Park (where people love swimming, fishing and going out in boats on the Serpentine, the river in Hyde Park), St Jamess Park (with birds and squirrels, great for picnics) and Greenwich park. People often have lunch in the parks, spend their free

time and children can enjoy themselves in many pools and little lakes. Tower of London The Tower of London is a historic tower in the centre of London. It is 900 years old. William the Conqueror built the White Tower in 1067 by the River Thames. It was a fortress, a royal palace, and a prison. Many prisoners were executed in this tower. Now you can see the crown jewels in the Tower of London.

London Eye The London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, was built in 1999 and is a giant wheel (the biggest observation wheel in the world). It is 170 m high and you can see the beautiful London skyline from the top. Madame Tussauds In Madame

Tussauds waxworks museum there are wax statues of famous people. St. George's Cross (the national flag of England) SCOTLAND Scotland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is the capital city, but the largest city is Glasgow. Bagpipes and kilts are typical of Scotland.

Medieval castles and Loch Ness lake Scotland is famous for medieval castles and Loch Ness lake (a legend tells about a mysterious monster in the depths of the water). Andrew's Cross (the national flag of Scotland) WALES Wales is situated in the south-west of the UK and borders only with England. Cardiff is its capital city Waless main languages are Welsh and English.

The largest religion is Christianity The national flag of Wales is the red dragon In the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff there are rugby matches, football matches and concerts. Conwy Castle is in North Wales. Love spoons Love spoons are the

main symbols in Wales: they stand for friendship and good luck. NORTHERN IRELAND It is part of the UK, but it is not situated on the Island of Great Britain. It borders only with the Republic of Ireland which is an independent country and is not part of the UK. Belfast is Northern Ireland capital and largest city. Saint Patrick is the Patron Saint Patrick's Cross (the national flag of Northern Ireland)

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