The Big Five - Mr. Michael Lum's Social Studies Class

The Big Five - Mr. Michael Lum's Social Studies Class

The Big Five What is the Big Five It was the five Biggest companies that ran Hawaiis economy. They had their hands

form sugar , transportation, and financial firms. Owned 95% of Sugar companies in Hawaii Owned by White American Males Except Theo Davies: English C. Brewer & Co. Ltd.

Is the oldest out of the five . ( Est. 1820) Started with a band of missionaries. 1826 opened a store with $3000 of goods Theo. H. Davies & Co, Ltd. Davies was from England and started at RC Janion Co. In 1857

He was a clerk 1882 he became the head of the company and renamed it. First to branch into transportation: Steam Navigation Co. then sugar. American Factors Ltd. (Hackfeld & CO.)

A German trader captain, H. Hackfeld, came to Hawaii in 1849. Change their name After World War I to more Patriotic name. Headed commercial house that exported

sugar. The company was seized during the war. Still have financial houses around the state. Castle & Cooke Ltd. They started as a missionary store in the

islands. In 1851 they expanded as a commercial house. They were like the Longs/Hardware of their day. Farm tools Medicine sugar machine In 1898 they focus only on sugar. Alexander & Baldwin

Formed a company in 1869 on Maui And operated Haiku Sugar Co. Made the Hamakua Ditch sent 40 million gallons a day all over central

Maui. They bought more and more land in Maui for sugar Most of central Maui and many properties are owned by A&B Interlocking Directorate Most of the Big Five had board members for the other Big Five companies. It started with the Hawaiian Sugar

Planters Association. The Big Five own Sugar plantations . Each had board member on the HSPA. Made Big Five strong because no competition.

The Big Five Then and Now Compare and contrast the Big Five from their beginnings to now. Make two columns: name it Then 1800s-2000s and Now 2015 Under each columns look at the following aspects Money how much they are worth (stocks, people)

HoldingsWhat do they own in their company. Ownership- who owns the company? Inter locking Directorate Compare and contrast of the company through out time? (One Paragraph) Make a collage of the Big five before and after in color/pen.

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