The chrysalids - |

The chrysalids - |

THE CHRYSALIDS UNIT INTRODUCTION THE CHRYSALIDS What is a Chrysalid? Chrysalids refers to chrysalisis, which is the transformation of a caterpiller to a butterfly Why the title? THE CHRYSALIDS The Setting Waknuk Davids home town and name of fathers farm Labrador Christian civilization following the Tribulation. Society matches the 1700s-1800s. Capital of Rigo, Island of Newf Wild Country

Fringes Lawless land full of danger and mutations Badlands Dangerous area Black Coasts Dangerous area affected by radiation Sealand Technology exists here. Universal telepathy THE CHRYSALIDS The Setting Society is based on farming and agriculture People are controlled by rigid beliefs about morals and religion Religious beliefs are cruel and OPPRESSIVE People believe TRIBULATION caused world to be this way as a punishment from God OLD PEOPLE refers to us the current readers Radiation has caused mutations Chrysalids is a novel set in the future with a setting of the past

THE CHRYSALIDS Social Life Purpose in life is dealing with Tribulation Need to follow ETHICS to climb back into Gods grace Church is the ultimate authority Rules found in Nicholsons Repentances Anything not normal must be destroyed Anything not normal is an insult to God Mankinds greatest duty is to see that the human form is kept true and proper Nicholsons Repentances describes true human form THE CHRYSALIDS Chapters 2-4 CHAPTER 2

History of Davids family and household Background: Religious family Focus on Repentances and Bible Davids father (JOSEPH) Strict religious leader. Grandfather (ELIAS) Founder of Waknuk Individuals responsible to watch for BLASPHEMIES and OFFENSES Including killing animals Information about Blasphemies and their relationship with the Pure People (Raiding farms) THE CHRYSALIDS Chapters 2-4 CHAPTER 3 David spending more time with Sophie Steam Engine: Technology of Old People Tension between Sophies Dad and David David remembers getting a splinter

and nobody helps him at home so he wishes to his father for a third arm. Gets punished pray to God, received beating David dreams of Sophie being killed by Joseph David wants Sophies Dad to trust him THE CHRYSALIDS Chapters CHAPTER 4 2-4 Telepathy with cousin Rosalind Uncle Axel finds out but keeps it a secret Davids telepathy = Sophies toe Group of telepathic people get together to keep secret: David and Rosalind, Michael, Rachel and Anne, Sally and Katherine, and Mark. Fringe people planning on invading Waknuk. Some are captured and appear normal One guy looks like Davids father but has long arms and legs: Spider-Man

Uncle Angus: loves to annoy Joseph. Argument about selective breeding: Giant horses and tail-less cat David spends more time with Sophie and starts teaching her school stuff THE CHRYSALIDS Theme THEME: Theme is the main topic, lesson, or idea that is the focus of a story/narrative Novels often explore more than one theme CONFLICT: Conflict is the tension or problem between different forces or characters in a story. You should already know conflict from short stories. Conflict includes: Character vs. Character Character vs. Nature Character vs. Society Character vs. Self What

WhatTHEMES THEMEShave havebeen beenintroduced? introduced? Comment on Our Society Genocide Religion Change What Whattypes typesofofCONFLICT CONFLICThave haveyou youseen seen ininThe Chrysalids so far? The Chrysalids so far?

David vs. Waknuk Beliefs Joseph vs. FringeBlasphemies People vs. Waknuk THE CHRYSALIDS Character CHARACTER SKETCH: A character sketch is a description of the different TRAITS of a character, including their personality, relationships, emotions, and actions based on events in the story. Characters CharactersACTIONS ACTIONSlead leadto toTRAITS, TRAITS, which are words that describe

which are words that describethe the character. character. Personality Personality Relationships Relationships Family: Mom and Family: Mom and Dad Dad Sophie Sophie Uncle UncleAxel Axel Protective Protective Loving Loving

Curious Curious Energetic Energetic David Other Othertelepathic telepathic kids kids Emotions Emotions Actions Actions Anger Anger Dishonouring Father Dishonouring Father

Guilt Guilt Curiosity Curiosity Befriends Befriends WantsSophie to Run Away Sophie Sadness Sadness Wants to Run Away Defends Defendsfriends friends THE CHRYSALIDS Chapters 5-6 CHAPTER 5 Spring proves to be free of Deviations

Waknuk wins Purity Record All good! David and Sophie sneak off together While fishing barefoot, they meet Allan, who finds a peculiar footprint says he will tell everyone David attacks Allan and hes knocked unconscious Sophie and David tell Sophies parents. Family forced to disappear David returns home and finds Inspector at house David lies about knowing Sophie. Receives beating David worried about telling/holding secrets (THEME) THE CHRYSALIDS Chapters 5-6 CHAPTER 6 David uses telepathy to talk to friends about Sophie David has vivid dreams about Big City Inspector continues to question David David begins doubting his culture/beliefs

Joseph announces that Sophies family has been captured Uncle Axel and David discuss the world beyond Waknuk Rigo (Capital); Black Coasts; Unspeakable monstrosities David learns of different races outside of Waknuk and that each believes they are the true image of God (Comment on different religions / THEME) Axel and David talk about telepathy. Eight people other than David, though eighth person hasnt answered Axel will find out what happened to this person THE CHRYSALIDS Dystopia Why is the world such a dark, bad place in the future in so many novels and films? Challenge Challenge Warning Warning Leadership/ Leadership/

Governemnt Governemnt Social Social Commentary Commentary What THEMES are you seeing in the novel so far? MAKING CONNECTIONS: -text to text -text to world -text to self How does The Chrysalids compare to other novels/films that explore similar ideas? THE CHRYSALIDS Chapters 7-9

CHAPTER 7 Davids mother gives birth. Child must be certified normal before it is allowed to exist Tension between Joseph Strorm and Inspector Petra Strorm certified as normal Davids Aunt Harriet comes with new baby uncertified because not normal Harriet wants to borrow Petra for certification. Answer is no. Harriet chased out of house by Joseph Harriet found dead next day by a river. Baby is not there. THE CHRYSALIDS Chapters 7-9 CHAPTER 8 Harriet is wiped from knowledge/existence after her death Suggestion that her death was a suicide David prays to lose his ability just wants to be normal Axel helps David calm down Missing Telepathic boy died in a wood-cutting accident

Reader is introduced to other telepathic children. Michael teaches rest of kids new information (he lives in a different area) Chapter ends with a new Telepathic person revealed THE CHRYSALIDS Chapters 7-9 CHAPTER 9 Big jump in time. Now six years later. David gets urge to run runs to river and finds Petra about to drown Rosalind comes, too. People suspicious of how they knew to help David fears that Petra will be killed. Tries to telepathically warn her. Last year was a bad year for Deviations. Lots of purgings Old-Timers blame Deviations on corruption in government and carelessness in youth (SOCIAL COMMENTARY HERE?) Society getting paranoid fearing new Tribulation (More COMMENTARY) Everything calming down until Anne (telepathic person) announces she is going to get married

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