The City Model Oxford/Bath

The City Model Oxford/Bath

Community Led Housing 4 December 2015 Housing LIN Design Council 2015

Julia Wallace Design Council 2015 Community-Led Design and Development

Julia Wallace Housing LIN December 2015 Housing design can we do better? Less of this

Hackney Wick And more of this?

Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds (Igloo Regeneration Partnership) About Design Council Cabe

Cabe networks DCLG Community-Led Design and Development Programme

Design benefits of engagement Evidence of qualitative benefits: Sense of pride: places feel loved Stability and connectivity: people want to stay, thus creating more stable communities with a positive reputation

Better long-term maintenance: feedback from residents can eliminate maintenance problems later Safety: place feels safe and crime is reduced Improved local services influence the attractiveness of an area to investors for eg new shops and sports facilities Sense of identity

Barriers to engagement Tenants not feeling listened to Lack of time due to tight deadlines for development or funding

Use of technical jargon and poor presentation material Lack of a clear and agreed vision for the new development (people wanting different things)

Lack of trust and poor communication London Regeneration Context Key concerns for tenants: Gentrification/ breaking up community

Unaffordable for leaseholders to stay in area Increased costs (rent, service charges) Opportunities: A new house! Energy efficient home with lower bills Improvements to area including open spaces Rise of alternative housing delivery for social housing:

CLTs, Leathermarket JMB, Brixton Green community group Green Man Lane Estate, Ealing Conran and Partners

Kipling Estate, Leathermarket What: Leathermarket JMB acting as client for 65 new homes on garage site What are the benefits? The Tenant Management Organisation is trusted by community /

more willing to accept development Site too tricky for others to take on local allocations policy will ensure homes go to local residents Kipling Estate Garages site

Housing and health Active by Design, West Howe Build a solid evidence base

Build skills and empower residents Build social capacity between those involved David Lister site, Hull What can tenants and resident groups do? Work out what they want to achieve the vision

Ensure proper representation and governance is in place Work out what skills the group has and where they might need help Approach one of the organisations that is out there to help Locality, Confederation of Cooperative

housing, National CLT Network, Cabe Start small - small projects can form part of larger housing and regeneration plans Find a like-minded designer and development partner to work with

CLD Programme: Next Steps For more information: [email protected] Maria Brenton &

Patrick Devlin 4 December 2015 Design Council 2015

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