The Civil War Era

The Civil War Era

Sectionalism Ascendant Warm Up How should the issue of slavery in the Mexican Cession been decided? Continuation of the Missouri Compromise

line Popular Sovereignty "Now, they say," said Haley, assuming a candid and confidential air, "that this kind o' trade is hardening to the feelings; but I never found it so. Fact is, I never could do things up the way some fellers manage the business. I've seen 'em as would pull a woman's child

out of her arms, and set him up to sell, and she screechin' like mad all the time; very bad policy damages the article makes 'em quite unfit for service sometimes. I knew a real handsome gal once, in Orleans, as was entirely ruined by this sort o' handling. The fellow that was trading for her didn't want her baby; and she was one of your real high sort, when her blood was up. I tell you, she squeezed up her child in

her arms, and talked, and went on real awful. It kinder makes my blood run cold to think of 't; and when they carried off the child, and locked her up, she jest went ravin' mad, and died in a week. Clear waste, sir, of a thousand dollars, justAP for want of management, PARTS

Compromise of 1850 Designed by Henry Clay, Daniel Webster & Stephen Douglas Provisions New Fugitive Slave Law California admitted as a free state

Settled boundary dispute b/w New Mexico and Texas Abolished the slave trade in Washington, D.C. Utah & New Mexico Territories would use popular sovereignty to decide the slavery issue Manifest Destiny & the Railroad Northern industrialists wanted to connect

markets east and west Would also speed trade w/Japanese Chicago to California

Down side: Permanent Indian Territory would be given back to white settlement Southerners wanted the railroad in the south to connect New Orleans to California

Gadsden Treaty US pays Mexico $10 million Popular Sovereignty squatter sovereignty coined by Lewis Cass Settlers decide whether or not to allow slavery in a

territory Adopted by Senator Stephen Douglas as popular sovereignty Used a basis of Kansas-Nebraska Act Nullified Missouri Compromise of 1820 Two new Territories formed

Kansas Territory & Nebraska Territory Settlers would vote on slavery issue when they designed their states constitution

Led to Bleeding Kansas

Pro-slavery Missourians headed north to gain residency New England Emigrant Aid society funded eastern freesoilers to move to Kansas Two years of blood-shed Murder of abolitionist in Lawrence, KS Murder of pro-slavery advocates in Pottawattamie Creek, KS led by John Brown

Sumner-Brooks Affair Senator Charles Sumner nearly beaten to death on the floor of the Senate by Congressman Preston Brooks Warm Up What caused the Civil War? Give

two long-term causes & two immediate causes Abraham Lincoln (R) Illinois [In response to Dred Scott v. Sanford, 1857] Can the people of the United States

territory in any lawful way, against the wishes of any citizen of the United States, exclude slavery from their limits prior to the formation of a state constitution? Senator Stephen Douglas (D) Illinois Whatever the Supreme Court may hereafter

decide as to the abstract question of whether slavery may go in under the Constitution or not, the people of a Territory have the lawful means to admit it or exclude it as they please, for the reason that slavery cannot exist a day or an hour anywhere unless supported by local police regulations. If the people of the Territory are

opposed to slavery they will elect members to the legislature who will adopt unfriendly legislation to it. AP PARTS On the 4th day of March next, the Republican party will take possession of the Government. It has announced that the South

shall be excluded from the common territory, and that a war must be waged against slavery until it shall cease throughout the United States. The guaranties of the Constitution will then no longer exist; the equal rights of the States will be lost. The slaveholding States will no longer have the power of self-government, or selfprotection, and the Federal Government will have become their enemy. We, therefore, the People of South Carolina, by our delegates

in Convention assembled have solemnly declared that the Union heretofore existing between this State and the other States of North America, is dissolved, and that the State of South Carolina as a separate and independent State; with full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts and things which independent States may of right do.

Confederate States of America - Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union FORT SUMTER, S.C., April 12, 1861, 3:20 A.M. SIR: By authority of Brigadier-General Beauregard,

commanding the Provisional Forces of the Confederate States, we have the honor to notify you that he will open the fire of his batteries on Fort Sumter in one hour from this time. We have the honor to be very respectfully, Your obedient servants, JAMES CHESNUT JR., Aidede-camp. STEPHEN D. LEE, Captain C. S. Army, Aide-de-camp.


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