The crucible jeopardy review game - Ms. Meyer's English Website

The crucible jeopardy review game - Ms. Meyer's English Website

THE CRUCIBLE JEOPARDY REVIEW GAME You have been assigned groups for this game.

Use the whiteboard to write your responses. When prompted, share your responses to the class.

Meyer will keep score Characters Act One Act Two Acts Three

& Four Literary Elements 20 20

20 20 20 40 40

40 40 40 60

60 60 60 60 80

80 80 80 80

100 100 100 100 100

Final Jeopardy Round CHARACTERS 20 This character was the only one of the girls to dance naked in the woods. She is described as fat and sly.

FINAL JEOPARDY 100 POINTS This play is considered historical fiction it blends fact with fiction. In other words, while the Salem Witch Trials occurred and these characters were real people, Arthur Miller changed elements of the characters to better

fit his own dramatic purposes. What was the major historical element or truth he changed in order to fuel conflict between the main characters? CHARACTERS 40 This character is a farmer in Salem. He had an affair with Abigail Williams. He

struggles with his guilt throughout the play. CHARACTERS 60 This character is the authority on witchcraft. He has a change of heart midway through the play and becomes sympathetic towards those accused of being witches.

CHARACTERS 80 This character works for the Proctors. She is a lonely and easily frightened teenager. She turns on John Proctor, ultimately accusing him of trafficking with the devil. CHARACTERS 100

These two characters were accused of witchcraft by Tituba at the end of Act One. Provide both of their names. ACT ONE 20 Which two characters are ill at the beginning of Act One? Provide both

names. ACT ONE 40 What does Abigail reveal to John Proctor while they are alone? ACT ONE 60 Why does Ann Putnam resent Rebecca

Nurse? ACT ONE 80 Abigail reveals why she is an orphan when she threatens the girls into remaining silent. What happened to her parents?

ACT ONE 100 What ultimatum is Tituba given? ACT TWO - 20 What commandment can John not remember?

ACT TWO - 40 Why has John not been going to Church the last few months? ACT TWO - 60 Why does Elizabeth tell Hale she does not believe in witches?

ACT TWO - 80 What two women, besides Elizabeth, have also been accused of witchcraft? ACT TWO - 100 What does Mary Warren say

will happen to John if she testifies against Abigail? ACT THREE - 20 What news does Danforth tell Proctor about his wife, Elizabeth?

ACT FOUR - 40 How does Giles Corey die? ACT THREE - 60 What does Elizabeth do that ultimately condemns Proctors testimony?

ACT FOUR - 80 Why does Proctor refuse to sign the confession? ACT THREE - 100 What does John Proctor mean when he says, God is dead!?

LITERARY ELEMENTS - 20 What is ironic about the accusations at the end of Act Two? LITERARY ELEMENTS - 40 What biblical figure does John Proctor call

Hale in Act II? LITERARY ELEMENTS - 60 What is hysteria and how does it function in the play? LITERARY ELEMENTS - 80 What type of play is The Crucible (besides

a tragedy)? LITERARY ELEMENTS - 100 How does this play relate to McCarthyism/ the Red Scare?

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