The Cycle of Life: Reincarnation, Karma and Moksha

The Cycle of Life: Reincarnation, Karma and Moksha

The Cycle of Life: Reincarnation, Karma and Moksha Hinduism Words to get to grips with 1. Reincarnation Rebirth 2. Karma Spiritual results of actions. 3. Moksha Liberation, salvation, goal. By the end of todays lesson well begin to have

an understanding of what these words mean 1. Reincarnation Whats the big idea? Each atman (soul) passes through a long cycle of existence occupying different bodies and experiencing repeated births, deaths and rebirths This transmigration of the soul is known as reincarnation

As a man casts off his wornout clothes and takes on other new ones, so does the embodied soul cast off his worn-out bodies and enters other new. Bhagavad Gita 2:22 The Hindu Cycle of

Life aka Samsara This is the Symbol for Infinity REBIRTH BIRTH DEATH

Reincarnation Re means again in means in (!) carn means flesh So the whole word means again in flesh. Rebirth might sound like a good thing but actually, Hindus believe that going around and around in the cycle of samsara is keeping our souls (atman) trapped in the material world away from the sublime spiritual one

Karma Karma means action Refers to the law of cause and effect i.e. actions and their consequences Hindus believe this is a law of the universe just like the law of gravity The law: Every single action has an affect on something else Karma decides where you come back and what you come back as If your actions are good you will get a good rebirth into

pleasant circumstances; if they are bad you will get a bad one Sir Isaac Newton 1643 - 1727 Karma Dung Beetle In a lifetime people build up karma, both good and bad, based on their actions within that lifetime. This karma affects their future lives and existences

There are lots of different types of rebirth in samsara. You can come back as a human or a pig; as a god or a ghost; in heaven or in hell. Some Hindus believe you can even come back as a flower! Moksha Moksha is Liberation from samsara: the cycle of birth, death and rebirth Salvation of the soul which is rescued from the material world and delivered into the spiritual

The Goal of Hindus who eventually hope to achieve moksha. Though many accept this might not happen for their next rebirth they aim to produce positive karma in the hope of a good rebirth that might be a little closer to moksha Summary SAMSARA IS THE CYCLE OF LIFE REINCARNATION IS A RESULT OF PREVIOUS KARMA KARMA RELATES TO ACTIONS AND THEIR


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