The difference we make…

The Difference We Make Care, compassion and cups of tea! The Background Committee for Social Responsibility is a Synodical Committee we take this seriously! Not just the Church House Staff Team In the process of re-thinking / re-imagining! Runs the risk of being everything and nothing as it really is about the place of Church in Gods World!

What have we been up to? (Phew!) Ageing And Dementia Disability Deprivation And Finance Urban Ministry Signers World Concerns CMEAC

Modern Slavery Criminal Justice Refugees and Asylum Seekers Rural Ministry Mental Health Forum Access and Inclusion Safeguarding Training and Casework Mediation Counselling

Peer Support Sexual Identities The staff team comprises of: Director of Social Responsibility - Debbie Dalby P.A. to the Director of Social Responsibility / Departmental Assistant Hannah Jones Head of Counselling Services - Jane Knight Vulnerability and Safeguarding Officer (VSO) Pauline Butterfield

Transforming Lives Together (TLT) is our joint venture set up with the Church Urban Fund and part of the Together Network in England. Our TLT Development Workers are: Kath Leigh (Archdeaconry of Macclesfield) Lead Community Builder Wendy Robertson (Archdeaconry of Chester) Community Builder

Our Committee Ex-officio: Chair Clergy Laity Archdeacon of Macclesfield Revd Margaret Jones Revd Shaun Conlon Revd Thia Hughes Revd Tina Upton Mrs Vivien Ley Mrs Madeleine Watts Dr Christine Wetherell

Mr Vincent Whitehead Appointed by Mr John Freeman Bishops Council Revd Andrew Greenhough Up to two co-opted by CSR, up to two nominated by Bishop Peter NATIONAL APPROACH VISIBLE DISCIPLESHIP Social responsibility is at the heart of the gospel, building up the Kingdom of

God. Social responsibility is at the core of discipleship, as people live out their faith and reflect upon that experience. Through social action, the church becomes relationally engaged with the wider community, establishing credibility and discovering the presence of God within his world.

Social responsibility is an intrinsic part of healthy church growth, seeking transformation at every level. The challenge of social responsibility is as relevant to the church itself, as it is to the society of which the church is a part. National report key findings:

What would you think.? You need to significantly grow your church numbers You must start doing a wave of new things You should see the world in a different way You need to recruit a raft of new volunteers You need to fundraise and bring in lots of extra resources You must try and bring about big changes You have to get to know a whole range of new Good

news!!! You have all you need You know what you need to know You have just enough people Whatever you do will be good Your starting point is your starting

point!! Social Responsibility is unique in every parish! Good news brings.. Good lives Good communities Good world Go in peace to love and

serve the Lord What we would like to see.. Parish level excitement about social responsibility and know what it means to you. SR work is mission not an add on or optional initiative. At the heart of Parish life and Parish life central/integral to good

communities. Safeguarding is ministry. All clergy (& church members) feel nurtured, supported, valued, safe, protected and confident to ask for help! Headline Activity Loneliness And Isolation Disability And Access

Financial Resilience. Mental Health Forum Criminal Justice Group Disability Forum Environment Forum Older People (Dementia) Forum Faithful Neighbours Forum Urban Mission And Ministry Committee Rural Steering Group (TLT) Know Your Church Know Your Neighbourhood Places Of Welcome.

Our offer to you. Facilitate conversations to help you decide / discern and plan. Training and awareness raising opportunities Outreach surgeries Resources and sources of information Signposting Networking and partnership links / facilitation

Social media and I.T based activities video shorts Diocesan level events and groups A quick fire approach to social responsibility! Yellow something that you enjoy, really like or are interested in.. Orange - an issue or problem that is most significant to your local

community. Green how you might address the orange thing with the yellow activity or interest Take a sticky of each colour. Pink who else might be interested in this in your congregation / Parish and local community Deborah Dalby

[email protected] Director of Social Responsibility Tel 01928 718834 ext 235

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