The Era of Good Feelings - Northland Preparatory Academy

The Era of Good Feelings - Northland Preparatory Academy

The Era of Good Feelings 1817-1825 Election of James Monroe Election of 1817- James Monroe elected as 5th President Symbol of the era Fought in the revolution- wintered at Valley Forge Served as a minister to both France and Britain Served as both Secretary of State and War during the War of 1812

His presidency is known as a time of political peace Monroe hoped for a country without political parties Collapse of the Federalist party Political Values and Changes Despite rivalry, Republican party adopted many Federalist policies during this time. Second National Banks- stabilize currency, protective tariff, Internal improvements- transportation(roads, canals, etc.) Standing army- 20,000 men. Trying to fix the problems that almost allowed the British to

win the War of 1812 Henry Clay- Kentucky War Hawk American System- economic plan for the federal government to protect American industry Financesagain Inflation- more money in circulation, less precious metal backing up each note. More money is needed to represent the same value.

To Finance the War of 1812, private banks issued notes and loans for more than they had in gold and silver Ex. One Rhode Island Bank issued $580,000, but only had $86.40 in gold and silver to back it up. Temporary default and bankruptcy during the War, led to the creation of the 2nd National bank, hoping to lend stability American Industry

War of 1812 pushed Americans to manufacture more here, instead of importing from other nations However, at the end of the War, English goods flooded the market, selling goods below their actual value as a way to damage American industry Protective Tariff instituted to allow young American industry to compete In the Supreme Court John Marshall (ambassador under John Adams to France)Chief Justice Important Decisions

Marbury v. Madison- (1803) established right of the court to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional McCullough v. Maryland-(1819)- established the constitutionality of the National Bank Established that the Supreme Court had authority over the federal and state governments to declare actions and laws unconstitutional. Expansion After the War of 1812, explosion of expansion- 5 states

are admitted to Union Louisiana- 1812 Indiana- 1816 Mississippi- 1817 Illinois- 1818 Alabama- 1819 Improvements in transportation became necessaryroads and canals Much argument over where would get the improvements and the Constitutionality

Foreign Affairs 1815- Ended raids by the Barbary pirates of American shipping in the Mediterranean 1817- Resolve unfinished issues with Britain- boundary with Canada, ships on the Great Lakes, Oregon territory 1817- Concern over Florida- still under Spanish control Pirates, slaves, and native Americans would use Florida as a base for raiding Georgia Andrew Jackson- sent to punish Indians, instead, destroyed villages, overthrew governor Uproar in Washington- John Quincy Adams (secretary of state)

told Spain they needed to police Florida better or give it to the United States Decided it was inevitable, sold Florida for $5 million in damages The Monroe Doctrine Worried that European powers (Spain, Russia) would attempt to retake old colonies Monroe issues a statement, saying that the Western Hemisphere is closed to further European colonization, and that the US would oppose any action to establish

colonies- became known as the Monroe Doctrine Exit Ticket- answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper The Monroe Doctrine- Good or bad? Did we have the right to make this statement? What would the consequences be if we hadnt? What would you have done?

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