The Federal Court System - Currituck County Schools

The Federal Court System - Currituck County Schools

The Federal Court System Chapter 8.1 Lady Justice is the symbol of the Federal judiciary What do the scales represent? Why is she blindfolded? Why is she holding a sword? How do these symbols illustrate the meaning of equal justice under law? Equal Justice Under Law, p. 75 What is the source of the concept? Is the court system blind? Have our courts evolved? Use pp. 792-97 to explain how the 14th amendment relates to each case: Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) Brown v. Board of Topeka (1954)

Korematsu & Endo (1944) cases Gideon v. Wainwright (1963) Miranda v. Arizona (1966) Types of laws Criminal Law: Cases where laws have been brokenCan be federal or state crimes. Determined by who passes law. Congress passes federal laws NC General Assembly passes state laws Civil Law: Cases about disputes between two or more partiesCan involve individuals, businesses, government agencies, etc. Can be federal or state cases. Determined by who the plaintiff and defendant are. Courts and Federalism US has a dual judicial system Each state has a hierarchy of courts that deal with state cases and their appeals.

The federal court system deals with federal cases & appeals. Most civil and criminal actions involve state laws, state disputes, and state courts. Some cases involve concurrent jurisdiction. These cases involve BOTH federal and state laws and can be tried by both jurisdictions. Example: Robbing a bank is a federal crime, fleeing the scene and running from police is a state crime. Jurisdiction Review Federal Exclusive Jurisdiction Exclusive Federal Cases Cases involving the Constitution

Violation of federal laws Disputes between states Disputes between citizens of 2 different states Suits involving the federal govt

Cases involving foreign nations or treaties Maritime Cases that happen at Sea Cases involving US Diplomat abroad Example of this type of

case http://ww w.youtub tch?v=6x 5hLOd-v UU http://w m/watc h?v=CT 31I9uC spw&fe ature=r elated http:// www.y outub watch ? v=bLh mT4v WaEc Start at 1:00 Stop at 4:30 Discuss example. http:// www.yo utube.c om/ watch? v=zLMD npFwTQ I&featur

e=fvsr http:// www.yo utube.c om/ watch? v=IiFX7z9t1A &feature =related http:// www.y outube. com/ watch? v=7gR_ S_B4D gs http:// www.yo

utube.c om/ watch? v=xkcRDhat oM&feat ure=rela ted US Supreme Court US Courts of Appeals Federal District Courts Assignment Read 8.2-8.3. Complete overview for p. 74 of notebook. Due Wednesday!

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