The Five Themes of Geography - Quia

The Five Themes of Geography - Quia

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s i t Wha Geo-graphy Geo: is the study of the earth graphy: writing about or study of a particular subject

Geography is more than just memorizing countries and capitals or knowing where places are on a map. Geography is about understanding the connections between the physical world and the way humans interact with it. The Five Themes of Geography can help us understand the physical world, the people who live in it, and how those people interact with the physical world.

The Five Themes of Geography. Location: Where are you ? Place: What is it like ? Movement: How do people, goods and ideas get from one place to another ? Region: How are places similar or different? Human-Environment interaction: How do people relate to their physical environment ?

Terms you need to remember. Absolute location: The exact location where a geographic feature can be found. Relative Location: Describes a place in comparison to other places around it. Hemisphere: Each half of the globe ( Northern & Southern) Equator: The imaginary line that divides the north & south halves Prime meridian: The imaginary line that divides the earth east & west. Latitude: The lines that run parallel or ( a long side of the equator)

Longitude: Imaginary lines that run through the north & south poles. Absolute & Relative location Absolute location: What is your exact location, address on earth. This school is located at 1234 NW 41st ave , Lauderdale lakes, Fl Relative location: what are you close by, a landmark. corner store by my parents hous

e Location Location simply tells us where something is on earth. We can have an exact location, often given in latitude and longitude. latitude and longitude. Dd

Question? What is the absolute location of Alaska? Question? Which contintent lies in between 120 degrees E and 30 degrees S ? Region Formal region: Functional region: Perceptual region: Landsat: Globe:

Geographic info system: (GIS) Global positioning system (GPS) Formal Region characterized by a common human property, such as the presence of people who share a particular language, religion, nationality, political identity or culture, or by a common physical property, such as the presence of a particular type of climate, landform, or

vegetation. Functional Region organized around a hub or focal point with the surrounding areas linked to that hub by transportation systems, communication systems. For example, I95,Tri-rail, metro rail, and city bus link the city to the suburbs. Perceptual Region

A region in which people perceive, or see the characteristics of the region the same way. However, they may not be the same for all people. Coke vs Soda Foods: Pelau (trinidad) chicken & rice ( in the south) Music Vernacular Region Landsat and (GOES) A series of satellites that orbit more than 100

times above earth. Can scan the earth in 16 days Globe A 3 dimensional representation of the earth. It provides a way to view the earth as it travel through space Geographic information systems (GIS)

Stores info about the world in a digital database. It displays or shows information in a variety of ways. Area photos and or satellite images. Global Positioning system (GPS) a Device used to determine location Movement

How do people, good and ideas move from one location to another? Linear distance: how far across the earth a person, idea or an product travels. Example how long does it take to drive or fly to ATL? Psychological distance: how we view distance. Example.. When you were younger, some locations seemed very far away, but. Human

Environmental interactions How do people relate to the environment? Whats going on with the Boas in the everglades? Did you hear about the wildfires in cali? Building more housing complexes further west past the everglades, (bear sightings)

Questions? 1. What imaginary line seperates the northern from the southen hemisphere? 2. How is absolute location different from relative location? 3. How is place different from region? 4. How are linear and time distances related to the theme of movement? 5. into which formal region, functional and perceptual region might your community be placed

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