The Genesis Pattern (Gen 1-11) - Pascual's IPM Page

The Genesis Pattern (Gen 1-11) - Pascual's IPM Page

The Genesis Pattern (Gen 1-11) Session 2.1.5 Goals for this mini session

Recognize the Genesis Pattern Know the Covenant Pattern

Sin Increases, God Remains Faithful Two purposes to the accounts following the Fall in primeval history

1. They show the growth and worsening of sin 2. They show no matter how bad humanity fell, God remained faithful in finding a way to keep his plan of salvation going.

3 Significant Stories Cain and Abel

Noah and the Flood The Tower of Babel Pascual 2

CAIN AND ABEL GENESIS 4:1-16 Genesis 4:1

Genesis 4:2 Genesis 4:2

Genesis 4:3 Genesis 4:4

Genesis 4:4 Genesis 4:4

Genesis 4 Genesis 4

Genesis 4 Genesis 4

Genesis 4 Genesis 4

Genesis 4 Genesis 4

Genesis 4 Genesis 4

Genesis 4 Genesis 4

Genesis 4 Genesis 4:16

THE END * [4:2] Some suggest the story reflects traditional strife

between the farmer (Cain) and the nomad (Abel), with preference for the latter reflecting the alleged nomadic ideal of the Bible. But there is no disparagement of farming here, for Adam was created to till the soil. The story is about two brothers (the word brother occurs

seven times) and Gods unexplained preference for one, which provokes the first murder. The motif of the preferred younger brother will occur time and again in the Bible, e.g., Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and David (1 Sm

16:113). Gen 6:5-9:17

NOAH AND THE FLOOD Genesis 6:12, 11

Genesis 6:8-9 Genesis 6:13

Genesis 6:14, 7:4 Genesis 6:18, 14

Genesis 6:22, 13, 15 Genesis 6:15-16 Genesis 6:19-20

Genesis 6:19 Genesis 6:20

Genesis 7:8-9 Genesis 6:13, 21

Genesis 7:1, 7 Genesis 7:16

Genesis 7:11 Genesis 7:11-12

Genesis 7:18 Genesis 7:19

Genesis 7:21 Genesis 7:23, 22

Genesis 7:24 Genesis 8:1

Genesis 8:3-4, 15-17 Genesis 8:18-19

Genesis 8:20 Genesis 8:21

Genesis 9:1-3 Genesis 9:4

Genesis 9:6 Genesis 9:8-12

Genesis 9:12 THE END Fun facts NAB Footnotes

* [9:1] God reaffirms without change the original blessing and mandate of 1:28. In the Mesopotamian epic Atrahasis, on which the

Genesis story is partly modeled, the gods changed their original plan by restricting human population through such means as childhood diseases, birth demons, and mandating celibacy among certain

groups of women. Pascual 2

TOWER OF BABEL Genesis 11:1-2

Genesis 11:2-4 Genesis 11:3

Genesis 11:5-6 Genesis 11:7 Genesis 11:8

Genesis 11:8 Genesis 11:9

Fun Facts Babel is another spelling of

Babylon, the nation and city where the Israelite leaders were brought as captives. They built tall towers called

ziggurats. During the Babylonian Exile,

the Israelites would have recognized much idolatry, worship of false gods.

THE END To wrap up and Conclusion Skip to Covenants

Covenant Pattern Pascual RE 2.4.2 D3 Cain and Abel

The effects of Original Sin continue in the story of Cain and Abel.

Eve recognizes Gods blessing in

Cains birth.

God warns Cain against resentment and anger.

Cain kills Abel despite Gods warning.

God neither kills Cain nor allows others to kill him revenge would be the same sin Cain committed.

Cain lies to God. Cain is banned from farming, paralleling Adam and Eves

banishment from the Garden. Image in public domain

What do you know about Cain and Abel? The Flood

What do you know about Noah and the Flood? In the story of Noah and the Flood, human beings fall prey to the sinful and evil ways of the world.

Following the Flood a rainbow appears as a sign of Gods Covenant with Noah and all living beings. Gods Covenant with Noah is an everlasting covenant that will remain in

force as long as the world lasts (CCC, 71).

The Covenant with Noah foreshadows Gods Covenant with Abraham.

God chooses Noah to escape the Flood because of his obedience to Gods Law and respect for creation.

Image in public domain

Tower of Babel What do you know about the Tower of Babel? Image in public domain

In the account of the Tower of Babel, power-hungry people of different nations together attempt to build a

tower that will reach the heavens.

Longing to be like God, lured by the hope to be famous, and forgetting about their covenantal relationship with God, nothing will stop the people from building a self-serving tower of greednothing

except the hand of God.

God stops the people from building the tower by confusing their speech, making it impossible for them to communicate and effectively carry out their plan.

Important Teachings from Genesis 111 God created the earth and humanity as good, and He invites us to relationship.

The history of our interaction with God began with His initiative in the Creation. Disobedience is the source of Original Sin, the reality of our

human condition of brokenness. Disrespect for humanity and life is disrespect for God, the

Creator, as shown in the story of Cain and Abel. (lack of Original Holiness and Justice) God respects those who respect his creation and law (rules), as

shown in the story of Noah. Important Teachings from Genesis 111

God desires to be in relationship with humanity, as shown by the stories of Adam and Eve and Noah. These stories are the opening moments of salvation history

and the reason for it. God did not abandon humanity at the Fall. Instead,

salvation history began at this point to help humanity return to a committed relationship with God. Salvation history records humanitys relationship with God through a series of promises, or covenants, in

which both God and humanity have responsibilities. 5 Minute Break

Skip to Covenants

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