The Golden A

The Golden A

PAINTING A DIFFERENT WORLD KWL Take out a sheet of notebook paper and make three columns. Write a "K" over the left column, "W" over the center column and "L" over the right column. K stands for what you already know about the know about the

Las Meninas. W stands for what the you want to learn about the Las Meninas. L stands for what you have learned. Lists as true or false based on what you have learn in the text. Also put stars next to questions in the W list if the text answers those questions. When was this painted?

What is the size of the painting? Who painted this work of art? What does the title represent? Where does the scene take place? Who are the people in the painting? Whom is the artist really painting?

Where can you see them? What kind of relationship did the artist have with the Patrons? What would you name this painting? ANY QUESTIONS?

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