The Great Depression & The New Deal

The Great Depression & The New Deal

Vocab Quiz #1 Please get out any notes you have and be ready for todays quiz. Please keep in mind your academic integrity.

Four First Four Chart Minutes Date & label your work 4/11 Role of Government Do you think the national government should help people in times of economic

crisis? Explain End Keep this with all of your other First Four work. I see, I think, I wonder First Four Chart Date & label your work

Four Minutes 4/7 - Change Think of a time when your life changed dramatically. How did you react to this change? Keep this with all of your other First Four work.

End I see, I think, I wonder The Great Depression & The New Deal Guiding Question #1 How great was the impact of

the Great Crash and the Great Depression on the USA? 1920s Economy Stock Market Buying on Margin Bull/Bear Market Role of Banks speculators

Superficial prosperity? 1929 Warnings Stock Inflation Stock market value from $27B to $87B Overproduction Farm

Crisis Collapse Black Thursday Oct. 24, 1929 Black Tuesday Oct. 29 Effects? Investors loss of $30 B Banks

Public Businesses Workers Great Crash World Payments Investors Investors

lose millions. Businesses lose profits. Businesses and Workers Consumer spending drops. Banks Businesses

and workers cannot repay bank loans. Businesses cut Savings investment and accounts Workers production are wiped are laid

Some fail. out. off. Overall U.S. production plummets. Allies cannot pay debts to United States.

U.S. investors have little or no money to invest. Banks run out of money Europeans U.S.

and fail. cannot afford investments American in Germany Bank goods. decline. runs occur. German war payments to



POLICIES WAR PAYMENTS & TRADE IMBALANCE Effects of Depression Unemployment 1.2 m 1929

12.1 m 1932 Massive poverty Businesses closed 5,500 banks closed GNP from $104 B to $59 B

Farm Prices down 60% 25% unemployment Depression/suicide GQ#2 - How effective were the strategies used by Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt to deal with the domestic problems facing the USA in the 1930s? Compare/contrast

of each. the philosophy Create a Venn diagram group read each doc Then share your findings

Be prepared to discuss with the class Herbert Hoover Bold response Philosophically Opposed Called for tax hike in 1931

1932 Reconstruction Finance Corporation & Public Works Effects Bonus Army 1932 Election Candidates Result Shift

in Party Power to whom? Franklin D. Roosevelt FDRs philosophy & Goals

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Relief Recovery: industrial & agriculture Reform Brain Trust Rejected laissez-faire Competition of ideas Eleanor Roosevelt Frances Perkins, Henry Wallace, Henry Morgenthau, etc.

The Hundred Days Banking Crisis Bank Holiday Emergency Banking Act Fireside chats FDIC (Glass-Steagall Act) The Hundred Days

Relief Home Owners Loan Corp. Farm Credit Admin. CCC FERA CWA For Recovery NIRA

PWA NRA: Business cooperation AAA: subsidies TVA* For Reform & Regulation Federal Securities Act Securities & Exchange

Commission (SEC) Buying on Margin The Dust Bowl Great Plains Massive drought 1932-34 Effect Okies

The Grapes of Wrath Critics of the New Deal Conservatives Deficit spending, Socialism Supreme Court NRA, AAA Liberals

Father Charles Coughlin Francis Townsend Huey Long New Deal Changes Course: The 2nd New Deal 1935-36 Unity fading Increasing criticism

FDR - business-class and wealthy Focus on helping the most disadvantaged The Second New Deal 35 Works Progress Admin.

Harry Hopkins $11 B for Pub. Works Federal Writers Project Federal Music Project Federal Theater Project Helping the Disadvantaged FDR

feared effect of liberal critics Resettlement Administration REA Wagner Act - NLRB Wealth Tax Social Security Act* XIV. 1936 Election

Critics of New Deal & FDR Alf Landon New Deal Coalition cities, farmers, unions, women, Northern Blacks,

Southerners, immigrants Minorities & The New Deal A mixed record Programs often discriminated FDR & NAACP AntiLynching Campaign FDRs Appointments Symbolic gestures

Environment, the West, Indians Efforts to stop soil erosion Taylor Grazing Act 34 National Parks

Olympic N.P., Shenandoah N.P. Dams TVA, Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee American Indians Indian Reorganization Act 34

FDR & Supreme Court 1936 FDRs Problem His Plan The Court Packing Scheme Reaction Result The Nine Old Men End of the New Deal

Roosevelt Recession 37 Why? FDRs Response Last ND legislation

Farm Security Admin Housing Act 37 Fair Labor Standards Act 38 AAA 38 Growing conservative opposition Over by 1939 World events would take center stage

XVII. Legacy of the New Deal Did it work? Creation of welfare state Size & Cost of Federal Govt. Power & Scope of Govt. New Deal Coalition Political realignment

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