The History of Persuasion - Kyrene School District

The History of Persuasion - Kyrene School District

THE HISTORY OF PERSUASION THE HISTORY OF PERSUASION Persuasion is an appeal to an audience. Ethos, logos and pathos were identified by Aristotle as appeals necessary to persuade an audience.

RHETORIC Aristotle was a Greek philosopher who studied under Plato. Aristotle studied and wrote prolifically on subjects from politics to metaphysics. Aristotles discussion of rhetoric contributed lasting ideas about the methods of persuasion. Rhetoric is the art of using language

effectively and persuasively . Rhetor is the person sending the message. ETHOS Ethos is appeal based on the character of a speaker. An ethos driven document or method of persuasion relies on the reputation of the author.

LOGOS Logos is an appeal to logic. An author develops logos by offering credible facts and statics related to the topic at hand, by using allusions, deductive reasoning and citing credible sources outside the work itself.

PATHOS Pathos is an appeal to the emotion of the audience. An author develops pathos by including figurative language such as metaphor, simile, and vivid imagery. This can also include emotional anecdotes, vivid connotative language used to

evoke sympathy and emotional interest in a topic. RHETORICAL STRATEGIES 1. Rhetorical Questions are questions not meant to be answered, but are used to drive a point home, embarrass, evoke pity or express astonishment. 2. Metaphors are comparisons that

can make an argument more colorful and interesting. PARALLELS AND APOSTROPHE 3.Parallels to Current Events/History use present and past events to serve as a comparative or contrasting example to make a point. 4. Apostrophe is a direct aside to

someone. For example, Please, my dear reader, look at the facts. REPETITION AND ACTIVE VERBS 5.Repetition is when certain words or phrases are repeated several times for effect. 6.Active Verbs are used to show

the speaker is performing in the action. This makes writing more charged and exciting.

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