The History of Unions in the US Class 1: Origins

The History of Unions in the US Class 1: Origins

A Tour of the US Service Academies Class 4 US Military Academy Jim Dunphy [email protected] But First.. Your

instructor (disguised with hair!) Overture https:// (When told, follow along with both the official words and the unofficial cadet slang words)

History During the Revolutionary War, a key British goal was to cut off radical New England from the rest of the colonies To do so, the British needed to secure the Hudson River Numerous attempts in 1776 and 1777 by the British were unsuccessful

History To block further

attempts, the Continental Army needed a secure location on the Hudson West Point was chosen due to the hills around the river More importantly, the Hudson took a hairpin

turn, so the river could be blocked by a chain History Benedict Arnold, a hero

of the Battle of Saratoga, was grievously wounded there. After not receiving the recognition he thought he deserved, and being court martialed for shady dealings, he

opened up communications with the British History Offered an active role in the Continental Army, he instead asked for command

of West Point, with the plan to betray it to the British After his contact, Major John Andre was captured, he realized the jig was up and fled to the British lines

History The same day, Washington arrived at West Point, learned about the treason, and strengthened the defenses

Andre was hung, and Arnold became a BG in the British Army. History With the end of the war in 1783, and the complete demobilization of the US Army on June 2, 1784, the only two posts still manned

were Fort Pitt (25 men) and West Point (55 men) Cadets were assigned to West Point from 1794 to receive instruction in artillery and engineering, but there was no formal curriculum History George Washington

and Alexander Hamilton, among others , recommended a Military Academy Shortly after his inauguration, Thomas Jefferson looked to change

the Federalist military. History The Military Peace Establishment Act , among other things, created USMA.

It was signed on March 16, 1802, which is now celebrated at USMA as Founders Day History The first official graduate, Joseph Swift,

graduated in October 1802 after less than 7 months Swift would later become the Chief of Engineers for the US Army within 10 years of graduation As such, he was also

Superintendent of West Point History CPT Alden Partridge (right) served as the Superintendent in Swifts absence However, there was

still no regular curriculum, and discipline was lax In 1817, President Monroe replaced Partridge with Sylvanus Thayer History

CPT Partridge refused to relinquish command After being court martialed, he resigned his commission He would later found Norwich

University, the first private military college History COL Thayer, during his 16 years as Superintendent implemented many

reforms, some of which remain 4 year course of studies Increased discipline Recitation and grading every class History

COL Thayer has rightly been called The Father of the Military Academy, and as a result, at West Point there is Thayer Road Thayer Hall Thayer Statue

Hotel Thayer History By the time of the US Civil War, the armies were completely led by West Pointers. Of the 60 major battles of the war, in

55 West Pointers commanded both sides In the other 5, West Pointers commanded one side or the other. History During World War I, the need for junior officers

greatly shortened the course. The class that entered in 1913 graduated in April 1917 The class that entered in 1914 graduated in August 1917 The class that entered in 1915 graduated in June 1918 History

The class that entered in 1916 graduated on November 1, 1918 The class that entered in July 1917 also graduated on November 1, 1918, then was recalled as student officers in December 1918 and graduated in June 1919 It was not until the class of 1923, which entered in July 1919, that the Academy was back on a four year program

History After World War I, 38 year old BG Douglas MacArthur was sent to West Point to modernize the curriculum and help the Academy recover from the war years He instituted mandatory

intramurals and included current events and the study of World War I as compared to the Civil War The DOGs (Disgruntled Old Grads) rose up against him and he departed a year early

History Classes graduated early during World War II, but not to the extent as in WWI Normal 4 year enrollments were in place during both the Korean and the Vietnam War During the Vietnam War, West Point had a difficult time with recruitment and was afflicted (though obviously not as much) with the drug culture in other campuses

A Tour of USMA West Point Museum The old academic building for Ladycliff College, currently the largest Army museum Hotel Thayer Private hotel, located just inside the front

gate of the Academy Mahan Hall Academic building, named for Dennis Hart Mahan, father of Alfred Thayer Mahan Grant Hall Meeting place and snack bar in the central area

Bartlett Hall Science Building Washington Hal/Ike MacArthur Barracks WH mess hall, Ike MacArthur barracks dating from late 1960s

Doubleday Field Home of the Army Baseball team, named after the inventor of baseball Jefferson Library Recently opened main library, named after President who founded the Academy

Original Library Source of Corps of Engineers insignia for US Army The Plain Location of parades and other ceremonies Battle Monument Memorial for US Regular Army deaths in the

Civil War, nicknamed the Confederate Marksmanship monument View from Battle Monument Hudson River and Storm King Mountain Superintendents House Oldest building on post, dating to 1819

Eisenhower (Ike) Hall Student union, opened in 1974 Catholic Chapel Church of the Most Holy Trinity Jewish Chapel

Opened in 1984 with private funds Cadet Chapel Largest of the chapels, used for Protestant services Michie Stadium Home of the Army football team, and ranked as one of the top ten stadium

locations Cemetery Small cemetery on post, but many famous individuals buried there At the gate to the cemetery is the Old

Cadet Chapel, originally built in 1836 When the current Cadet Chapel was built in 1910, the Old Chapel was dismantled brick by brick and moved

Cemetery Inside are plaques honoring all the MGs of the Revolutionary War by name One exception Major General,

born 1740 And that MG is? Cemetery Among the people buried in the Cemetery: George and Libby Custer George Goethals David Marcus

Frank Merrill Winfield Scott Cemetery Among the people buried in the Cemetery: Joe Stillwell Edward White Sylvanus Thayer Red Blaik, Maggie Dixon

John Schofield Dennis Michie Leadership Superintendent - LTG Robert Caslen (my classmate) Commandant BG Steve Gilland

Faculty Each department is headed by a permanent professor in the grade of COL, who will remain at West Point until retirement at age 64 There are a number of permanent assistant professors, and about 25% of the faculty are permanent civilians The remaining members of the facility are

officers in the grade of CPT or MAJ, fresh from graduate school and on a three year assignment Alums US Presidents Ulysses Grant 1843 Dwight Eisenhower 1915 Alums

Heads of State of Other Countries Anastasio Somoza Nicaragua Fidel Ramos Philippines Alums Heads of State of Other Countries Jose Figueres Costa Rica

Jefferson Davis CSA * Alums Did you know George Goethals builder of the Panama Canal Henry Robert Roberts Rules of Order

Alums Did you know John Bel Edwards current Gov of LA Jack Reed Current Senator from RI Alums

Did you know Roy Moore (yes, that one) Almost Senator from AL Paula Broadwell - Biographer (and girlfriend) of GEN Petraus (Petraus is class of 1974 and married to the daughter of the then Supe)

Alums Did you know Leslie Groves built the Pentagon and headed the Manhattan Project Edward A Murphy inventor of Murphys Law Alums

Did you know Buzz Aldrin 2nd Man to walk on moon Michael Collins flew Columbia during moon landings Alums Did you know

Bob McDonald CEO of P & G, Secretary of VA (also my classmate) James Kimsey founder of AOL Non Alums Edgar Allen Poe x 1834 James McNeil Whistler x 1855

Non Alums Timothy Leary x 1943 Adam Vinatieri x 1995 Fictional Grads Paladin

Jason McCord (Branded) West Point TV show (1956-57) Cadets included: Cadet Leonard Nimoy Cadet Dick Sargent Cadet Richard Jaeckal Cadet Martin Milner Cadet Robert Vaughan

Cadet Clint Eastwood Cadet Rod McKuen Cadet Edward Platt West Point TV show (1956-57) Officers included: Major Chuck Connors

Coach RG Armstrong Girlfriends included Miss Barbara Eden Miss Gloria Talbott Issues

Honor scandals The commie cadet Honor Scandals The cadet honor code is simple: A cadet will not lie, cheat or steal Or Tolerate those who do Despite this, there have been a number of honor scandals

1951 Honor Scandal The 1951 scandal largely involved the football team, including the son of legendary football coach Red Blaik At that time, Army was still a football powerhouse, just a few years removed from a national championship However, to maintain this level, Coach Blaik began recruiting players who could not keep up with the academic requirements

1951 Honor Scandal To keep the cadets eligible, a tutor was assigned who actually passed out the poop information about tests By the time the scandal was completely investigated, 83 cadets were dismissed. Most of the 83 were football players, some of whom did not cheat but were aware of the situation

1951 Honor Scandal Joseph P. Kennedy, the father of JFK, got many of the football players slots at Notre Dame Ray Malavasi, later head coach of the LA Rams, was one of the players caught up in the scandal

1976 Honor Scandal On a take home assignment from the Electronic Engineering Department, a cadet indicated that he received help on the assignment (hence a clear honor violation) When his answers were checked against others, it appeared as if many students got the same help without reporting

1976 Honor Scandal 117 cadet answers were found suspicious 101 cadets were referred for investigation (the other 16 resigned) 52 were found guilty in the cadet investigation and referred for further action Further investigation showed the scandal was more widespread, eventually ensnaring 234 cadets (out of about 900)

1976 Honor Scandal Given the breadth of the scandal, some cadets were given the opportunity to petition for readmission to the next class The scandal was not universal or equal some companies had no cadets involved, and some companies lost an entire class As a result, the Corps was rescrambled and

reassigned. The Commie Cadet In September 2017, a WP grad tweeted a picture from his 2016 graduation, with a Che Guevara t

shirt under his full dress grey uniform He stated this was in support of the NFL players kneeling, and ended with hasta la victoria siempre The Commie Cadet

Needless to say, all you know what broke loose Jason Altmire, the Congressman who provide Rapone with an appointment of course disavowed the appointment The Commie Cadet

It was later reported that Rapone had served in Afghanistan with the 75th Ranger Battalion From there he went to WP The Commie Cadet

It was later reported that Rapone had served in Afghanistan with the 75th Ranger Battalion From there he went to WP The Commie Cadet The Armys response was that Lt

Rapone could legally be a member of the Communist Party However, the issue was making a political statement in uniform The Commie Cadet After the original hubbub, there was an investigation,

and the now 2LT remains on active duty Traditions Sedwicks statue General John Sedgwick was killed at the Battle of Spotsylvania in the

Civil War. His purported last words to soldiers cowering under sniper fire was They couldnt hit an elephant at this dis

Traditions Sedgwicks statue His statue is near the Plain Tradition is that if a cadet is in academic trouble, he needs to don his full dress uniform

and spin the spurs on Sedgwicks statue precisely at midnight Traditions Class rings West Point was the first school to furnish

class rings to graduates Grads are known (not affectionately) as ring knockers for their purported habit of banging their rings on tables to announce their source of

commissioning Traditions Class rings West Point was the first school to furnish class rings to graduates Grads are known (not

affectionately) as ring knockers for their purported habit of banging their rings on tables to announce their source of commissioning Traditions

Goats The last student in order of merit is called the goat At graduation, all of the students chip in a silver dollar each for the goat Cadets are repeatedly reshuffled into sections based on their grades in a particular course The last section is known as the ejection section and since cadets are ranked within the section, the cadet in the last seat is said to be in the ejection seat

Since they are so close to being ejected from the Academy for failure Two famous Goats George Armstrong Custer, Class of June 1861 George Pickett Class of 1846

Traditions Goats Every fall, first class (senior) cadets play the Goat (bottom half) Engineer (top half) football game In recent years, a

second flag football game is played between female cadets Traditions Mascot As noted, the Army mascot is a mule

While the mule first appeared in 1899, the first official mule, Mr. Jackson, (named after Stonewall Jackson) appeared in 1936 Traditions

Mascot Given the mules history as a transport for the Army, a good fit There are currently three mules serving as mascots

Traditions Mascot As with the Navy Goat, there are both actual mules and cadets dressed as a mule mascot

Summary The 5 Federal Service Academies have had their difficulties over the past 200+ years But it is clear that each of them serves as the bedrock of their respective service While the cost of providing officers through this method is much more expensive than OCS or ROTC, there has never been any thought for over 150 years to close any

or all of the academies

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