The Holocaust

The Holocaust

The Holocaust The Final Solution The Definition of Holocaust Holocaust is a Greek word for burned sacrifice.

Jews have been persecuted throughout history for their religious beliefs and practices. This was Hitlers Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

How was this allowed to happen? In order for a house to burn down, three things are required. The timber must be dry and combustible, there needs to be a spark that ignites it, and external

conditions must be favorable- not too damp, perhaps some wind. - Doris L. Bergen Preconditions The spark: Hitlers Nazi regime

External conditions: World War II Dry timber: People had to be willing to accept the identification of other members of their society as enemies. Nazis did not invent anti-semitism (hatred against Jews), nor were they the first to attack Roma

(Gypsies). Who was persecuted?

Primarily Jews. 6 million were murdered. Roma (Gypsies) Physically and mentally disabled. Afro-Europeans Soviet POWs

Slavic people Ethnic Poles Jehovahs Witnesses Homosexuals The Process

Nuremburg Laws- prohibited Jews from having certain jobs, going to school, marrying non-Jews, and forced them to wear the yellow Star of David. Jewish businesses were boycotted.

Nuremburg Laws Humiliation of Jews Life in the Ghettos Jews all over Germany, Austria, Poland,

Hungary, and Italy were forced to relocate to ghettos. Life in the ghetto meant constant harassment, crowded housing, hunger, and loss of civil rights.

Jewish Ghettos From the Ghettos to the Camps Jews and other undesirables were then forced to leave the ghettos and be

taken by train to concentration camps. Arrival at the camps Sorting, work assignments, and shaving

Life in the camps Starvation, slave work, humiliation, disease,

unsanitary conditions. Work will set you freeFrom the entrance to Auschwitz Death in the camps- bodies were buried in mass graves or burned in mass piles

(Shoah piles) or in ovens. Victims were gassed, shot, burned, or worked/starved to death. Death in the camps

Shoah Pile Nazi Medical Experiments Prisoners were often used as subjects in medical experiments These involved freezing, burning, high

altitude, isolation, sterilization, traumatic injuries, and unnecessary operations. Dr. Josef Mengele- SS physician in charge of the experiments. Medical experiments

Children as subjects Liberation of the camps Allied soldiers did not know what they would find at the camps. For many of them, the

trauma was unbearable. Allied soldiers retaliated against villagers who lived nearby, and did not stop it. As punishment, Nazis and other citizens were forced to dispose of the bodies themselves.

How did the world react? Shock, anger, disgust, and shame. Much of the world had disregarded these camps as rumors too savage to be true. Peace treaties after the war noted that

the world must never let this happen again. (Though, it has.) Denial of the Holocaust How many died?

6 million Jews and 6 million other A total of approximately 12 million Compare to Population of Los Angeles: 9,948,081 Population of San Francisco: 751,682 Population of NYC: 8,085,742

Population of Concord: 124,977

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