Saddam Hussein and Iraq Early Life and Career Saddam Hussein was born in a small village 100 miles from Baghdad He lived in poor conditions and was abandoned by his dad Mom remarried and step-dad was cruel to Saddam At 10 years old, he moved to the city and lived with his uncle who taught him hatred of Western ideas In 1979, he pushed his cousin out of the presidency and took over

He arrested and killed his enemies including his friends Set-up security agencies to spy on his own people His pictures are every where and his birthday is a national holiday He led a war with Iran that lasted 8 years killing 200,000 Iraqi soldiers He used (some say tested) biological and chemical weapons on his own peoplethe Kurds Saddam Hussein Genocide of the Kurds

The New York Times described in its obituary how Saddam "murdered as many as a million of his people, many with poison gas. He tortured, maimed and imprisoned countless more. Estimates as to the number of Iraqis executed by Saddam's regime vary from 300,000500,000, estimates as to the number of Kurds he massacred vary from 70,000 to 300,000. Between 1986 and 1989, Saddam Hussein unleashed a genocidal campaign against the Kurdish people of Northern Iraq. He used ground offensives, aerial bombing, systematic destruction of settlements, mass deportation, firing squads, and

chemical warfare. Saddam Hussein also captured Kurdish populations and transported them to detention centers. After a few days in these camps, the men accused of being enemies were trucked off to be killed in mass executions. Statistics According to the Human Rights Watch during the genocidal campaign, the Iraqi government: Destroyed about 4,000 villages (out of 4,655) in Iraqi Kurdistan. Between April 1987 and August 1988, 250

towns and villages were exposed to chemical weapons; Destroyed 1,754 schools, 270 hospitals, 2,450 mosques, 27 churches; Wiped out around 90% of Kurdish villages in targeted areas. A cemetery in a Kurdish village in northern Iraq, holds the remains of nearly 70 people killed in a chemical attack by Saddam Husseins military forces on March 22, 1988.

Khawar Mahmoud, 55, pictured with her husband, came to the village three days after the attack and found animals and birds dead on the ground, and her brother badly burned. Her brother lost his pregnant wife and six children in the attack. A part of Sewsenan that was not rebuilt. Ms. Mahmoud said that after the attacks, doctors treated injured villagers in secret because survivors discovered by Iraqi soldiers were taken away and never seen again.

Archaeologists and physical anthropologists exhumed 114 victims of the Kurdish genocide from a mass grave in the center of Iraq's Muthanna province. Nine other mass graves nearby remain unexcavated. Persian Gulf War Countries involved in the war Who vs. Who Iraq invades Kuwait for Oil

US and UN coalition (34 other allied nations) will support Kuwait. Leaders Saddam Hussein Iraq President George Bush (Sr.) Time Period 1990-1991

Location Iraq invades Kuwait, US and other UN forces invade through the Persian Gulf Causes of War Saddam Hussein claims to own oil rich land in Kuwait. Uses this excuse to invade Kuwait and claim his land. Outcome of war

A withdrawal was demanded and Iraqi troops pull out in 1991 What was it like??? v=tJGs2BDKq5g&feature=related (1:45) v=XOMRPia8NeM&feature=related (7:24) The IRAQ WAR

The Facts What It Looks Like v=cdY_00N1KL8&feature=results_video&playnext=1&list=PL0F8F3FFA8097C061 (about 3 min long) Countries involved WHO: The United States vs. Iraq

Time Period WHEN: 2003 to present Location WHERE: The Middle East Iraq Specifics

LEADERS WHO: President Bush Jr. vs. Saddam Hussein CAUSES WHY: WMDs or Weapons of

Mass Destruction in Iraq Some say it is over oil Some say it is Little Bush getting back for his daddy not killing Saddam during the Persian Gulf War of the 1990s Some say to bring democracy and freedom to the Iraqi people

More Specifics After Persian Gulf War, UN told Iraq and Hussein to destroy WMDs Several times the UN tried to visit Iraq to check on this, but Hussein wouldnt allow it After 9/11, Pres. Bush pushed UN to be more

forceful This goes back and forth until late 2002 OUTCOME

In early 2003, Pres. Bush and the UN finally get a resolution to allow UN officials to check Iraq for WMDs this was withdrawn because France and Germany didnt like it On March 17, 2003, Bush gives Hussein and ultimatum leave Iraq in 48 hours or face

military action Within days, USA gets information that Hussein and his top officials are hiding underground War Begins

On March 20, 2003 at 2:30am in Iraq, USA sends 3 dozen Tomahawk missiles with 1000lb warheads into Baghdad (Iraqs capital)

Within hours more targets are hit and the war, code named Operation Iraqi Freedom, has started v=TvaU3ZiBmGw&feature=related (2:23 BBC Live at First Attack) Taking over Baghdad took roughly 21 days It was celebrated around the world

when Husseins statue was torn down by his own people What Next

Despite hiding out in bunkers and underground (literally), Hussein was captured watch?v=nd-1i0bFEv4 (4:51 Saddams Last Stand-look at his hideout) He was put on trial for war

crimes and sentenced to death He was hanged on Dec. 30, 2006 We are now out of Iraq world/iraq/story/2011-12-15/Iraqwar/51945028/1 (1:31 taking down flag and speeches)

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