The Knee - PSAU

The Knee - PSAU

The Knee Anatomy Mazyad Alotaibi The Knee Joint Complex Tibiofemoral Joint* Patellofemoral Joint* Tibiofibular Joint Capsular

Pattern Greater loss of flexion than extension Bones Femur condyles covered with articular cartilage, intercondylar groove, patella groove Tibia bifid plateau

Patella medial and lateral articulating facets -increases the lever arm of the quadriceps -increases the distribution of compressive force on the femur in full flexion Ligaments Strong ligaments provide the static stability system for the knee

MCL & LCL Provide medial/ lateral stability and prevent excessive external rotation of the tibia Frequently injured on the joint line MCL Frequently injured by an external rotation strain Has deep and superficial fibres

LCL Frequently injured by adduction blow to the knee ACL Ant part of intercondylar area Up, back, lateral Med asp of lat fem

condyle ACL & PCL Provide ant / post stability of the knee ACL also controls rotation Commonly injured by forced internal rotation of the femur on a fixed tibia and flexed knee PCL strongest

-Commonly injured in flexion with an anterior force Joint capsule attached to the medial meniscus and MCL Coronary Ligaments bind the menisci to the tibia

Menisci Lateral and medial Peripherally thicker than central Transverse lig attaches

Increase stability Shock absorbing Lubrication and nutrition Injured during twisting activities Musculature Dynamic stability system of the knee ITB anterior and lateral stability and prevent excessive internal rotation of

the tibia Quadriceps Lat vs med to maintain patella in groove Sartorius and Gracilis medial stability, knee and hip flex Hamstrings

Prevent tibia anterior displacement of the Pes anserine sartorius, gracilis and semitendinosis. Biceps

femoris Primarily produce knee flex and also external rotation of the tibia Gastrocnemius primarily ankle flexor also assists with knee flexion Popliteus

WB external rotation and extension of the tibia Attaches to the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus and pulls back the posterior horn to unlock the knee Bursa

Suprapatellar continuation of the synovial sac Prepatellar Deep and superficial infrapatellar Also semimembranosus and med head of gastroc, Gastroc heads and capsule Pes anserine tendon Surface markings Joint

line Medial collateral ligament Lateral collateral ligament Medial coronarys Gerdys Tubercle Pes Anseurine Bursa

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