The Middle and New Kingdoms

The Middle and New Kingdoms 4.3 Caeley, Demarco, Justin, A.J. The Middle Kingdom

2050 B.C a pharaoh named Mentuhotep defeated his rivals and began ruling. This started the Middle Kingdom. A period of time when peace lasted until 1750 B.C. The ending of the Middle Kingdom was caused by

a group known as the Hyksos. This group was from Southwest Asia. Hyksos also used weapons such as horses, chariots, and these were advanced weapons to the Egyptians The New Kingdom After the fall of the Middle Kingdom Ahmose rose to mark the beginning of Egypt's 18th dynasty.

Also referred to as the New Kingdom. After battling the Hyksos, Egyptian rulers feared future invasions. They decided to take control of all invasion routes. Egypts first target was the home of the Hyksos. New Kingdom cont. After taking over the homeland of the

Hyksos, they continued north and took over Syria. Egypt took over the entire coast of the Mediterranean. It had also taken over the kingdom of Kush. Egypt was the leading military power of the region.

New kingdom cont. The Kingdoms Egypt took over regularly sent treasures to their Egyptian Conquers. Conquest also brought Egyptian traders into contact with distant lands Profitable trade routes developed Many of the lands that Egypt took over had valuable resources

New Kingdom cont. One ruler who worked to increase trade was Queen Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut is well known for the monuments and temples built in her time. The best known of those was the temple built for her near Thebes Despite its great success Egypts military did not go unchallenged.

New Kingdom cont. Ramses The Great came to power in the 1200s After Ramses the Great defeated Tehenu he built a series of forts to strengthen the western frontier. After Ramses died the Sea Peoples invaded Southwest Asia. The Egyptians fought for fifty years and were

finally able to defeat the Sea Peoples. Work and Daily Life: Scribes Other than priests and government no one was more honored than Scribes. They worked for the government and temples. Scribes kept records and accounts. Scribes did not pay taxes.

Work and Daily Life: Artisans, Artists, and Architects Below scribes on the social scale Architects and artists were admired in Egypt Artists painted and designed the pharaohs tomb

Work and Daily Life: Soldiers The military gave a raise in status Those who excelled could be promoted to officers Farmers and other peasants | Slaves Farmers and peasants were toward the bottom of the social scale Slaves were the bottom of the social scale

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