The Ontological Argument.

The Ontological Argument.

A: THE ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT. NGfL CYMRUGCaD STARTING POINTS. Is a priori : relies on A predicate / perfection / quality / characteristic / definition of a word. attribute tells us Is therefore, something about the deductive and subject. analytic. In the argument, Anselm says that the predicate The conclusion flows logically from is contained in the subject. the premises. So, Gods existence can (Does this make the be shown to be selfconclusion right ?) evident by analysing the word God. NGfL CYMRUGCaD

Inductive/Deductive: A question on proofs make sure you can explain difference between inductive and deductive A deductive argument is All the other based upon a priori arguments for the knowledge. existence of God are The conclusion is implied inductive they can directly by the premises, i.e. at best only give a flows directly from them. highly probable If the premises are true and the structure is valid, then conclusion. the conclusion must be true. Inductive arguments The Ontological Argument is are based upon a the only deductive argument posteriori knowledge for the existence of God. This means ontological

knowledge derived arguments are the only from (after) arguments that couldprove NGfL CYMRUGCaD experience. Gods existence conclusively Deductive Proofs are often composed of a series of premises or statements that, when stacked together, points towards a conclusion that is usually logically inescapable Premise One: All birds can fly Premise Two: Penguins are birds Conclusion: Therefore Penguins can fly. Its factually inaccurate, One of the Premises were wrong! Now come up with your own Deductive Proof is the basis deductive proofs ! of the ontological argument for Premise + Premise = the existence of God.

Conclusion Premise One: All Oceans contain water Premise Two: The Atlantic is an Ocean Conclusion: Therefore Atlantic contains water. NGfL CYMRUGCaD Anselm: God as the greatest possible being. Composed Proslogion a book to offer single rational proof existence God. Faith came first for Anselm, Faith that God existed and is the ultimate good, reason was used to deepen his understanding of faith. The fool says in his heart, "There is no GodThey are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good. Anselm says that even the fool has the concept of God in their mind, in order to reject God. There are two positions acceptance and denial , some would say this is the atheist vs theist debate. For Anselms Fool it was more about self-delusion, corruption and injustice, you are Fool if you can avoid Gods justice. This is not a rejection of God but denial of being accountable to God (Divine Command Theory).

NGfL CYMRUGCaD Proslogion 2: Activity Explain below in hieroglyphs As the argument relies on analysing a definition, clearly the definition of God is vital. A BEING THAN WHICH NOTHING GREATER CAN BE CONCEIVED. Anselm states it is possible to exist in the mind and to exist in reality but not mutually inclusive, just because something exists in the mind does not mean it has to exist in reality. However God is a being than nothing better than conceived, there is no greater being. Premise 1: Beings exists in both the mind and in reality Premise 2: God is the greatest possible being that can be thought of. Conclusion: In order to be the greatest thing

that can be thought of God must exist in mind and reality. Anselm used the example of the painter and a painting, before it exists in reality , a painting needs to exists in the mind of the painter before it comes a NGfL CYMRUGCaD reality. Anselm- God has necessary existence, Chapter 3 Proslogion, once you understand that God to be the greatest possible being then the next logical step is to conclude that God has a necessary existence. God is a being which To be Necessary and CANNOT be thought of God is the greatest not as existing possible being that (necessary) or he is a can be thought of, so being which can be therefore exists in

thought of as not reality as he is the existing (contingent). greatest possible God is which nothing being greater than conceived , Gods existence is greater than contingent. NGfL CYMRUGCaD AO2: The extent to which a priori arguments for Gods existence are persuasive. The only thing needed in a Posteriori priori argument is an arguments, based understanding of the on evidence gives us language, independent language empirical basis. We from experience means accept reliability of they are persuasive as

medicines and they are not tainted by a group/evidence. science. Priori proofs dependent To counteract with on sound arguments, If posteriori premises are inaccurate (Cosmological/Teleologic then the conclusion will al argument ) suffer the defects. If we persuasive and proof accept facts about God that he necessarily exists , that God exists. greatest being is NGfL CYMRUGCaD persuasive. AO2: The extent to which different religious views on nature of God impact on arguments for the existence of God. What about other attributes of God? Such as impersonal and transcendence, we assume Abrahamic

attributes. Traditional arguments for Gods existence tend to The Ontological arise out of specific faith describes God with all traditions and therefore these perfections , were it nature of God is described not so then the argument in that tradition. would be a non starter How about Gods limited power ? Or malevolent NGfL CYMRUGCaD power? Abrahamic religions accept God is omniscient , omnipresent and omnipotent.

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