The Pearl by John Steinbeck Response Journal

The Pearl by John Steinbeck Response Journal

The Pearl Response Journal Chapters 1 & 2: Before Reading Are people encouraged to express their anger or to swallow and forget it? What might be some positive aspects of voicing anger? Why and when might it be better to hide angry feelings? How could expressing anger be dangerous for someone? Chapter 1 & 2: After Reading 1. What emotions and values are symbolized by Kinos song of the family? How does the song of evil threaten those values? Which song seems to be more powerful? Give examples to support your opinion. 2. Examine Kinos reaction after the doctors servant shuts the gate on him. How are both his acceptance and rage revealed? What does the fact that Kino is amazed by his own reaction show about his personality? 3. Historically, what has been the relationship between Kinos people and the doctors people? What are their current attitudes toward one another as revealed by the interaction between Kino and the doctor? 4. Examine Kino and Juanas religious views. Are they pagans, After chapter 2

Quick Write Imagine you have won a lottery or suddenly inherited a fortune. What dreams would you try to make come true with the new-found wealth? What problems or even dangers might the fortune bring with it? What plans can you think of to prevent those problems from becoming serious? The Pearl Response Journal Chapter 3: Before Reading quick write (see ppt.) What dreams do you imagine Kino would try to make come true if he were suddenly wealthy? How are your desires similar to Kinos? How are they different?

Chapter 3: After Reading 1. How do the townsfolk react to the news of Kinos pearl? What generalization about human nature can you draw from their reaction? Do you believe this generalization is true for the most part in real life? Why or why not? 2. What are Kinos dreams for using the pearl money? Do you think his dreams are foolish, grand, selfish, or sensible? Which dream is the most daring and would make the biggest change in his life? Explain your answers. 3. Why does Kino hear the music of evil when the priest visits? What change is apparent in Kino after the priest leaves? How would you have reacted to the priest in Kinos place? 4. How do Kinos and Juanas attitudes about the doctor differ? How do they view the pearl differently? What do these differences indicate about their personalities and priorities? The Pearl Response Journal Chapters 4 & 5: Before Reading How would you react if someone tried to cheat you? Would protesting be brave and wise if you knew the reaction might: - put your life in danger?

- put loved ones at risk? - disrupt an entire community Chapters 4 & 5: After Reading 1. Describe the personality of the first pearl buyer. What do his coin tricks reveal about him? How are his traits and treatment of Kino similar to the doctors? 2. Examine the neighbors reaction to Kinos refusal to sell the pearl. Which of their views do you support: that Kino is foolish and short-sighted to fight the system or that he is brave and right? Explain your answer. 3. Steinbeck defines the nature of men and the nature of women (ch. 5). Given those definitions, explain why it is natural that Juana wants to get rid of the pearl and natural for Kino to fight to retain it. 4. What practical and emotional impact does the destruction of Kinos boat and house have on his family? What might be the reasoning that prompts such an attack? The Pearl Response Journal Chapter 6: Before Reading Recall a situation when you felt you were threatened by a person or a group. Was your fight urge or flight urge stronger? Did you try to conquer that urge? Did you

give in to it? What would you do now in the same circumstances? Why? Chapter 6: After Reading 1. Recall each of Kinos dreams for the pearl money. How are all of those dreams corrupted or fulfilled in an ironic way by the final chapter? 2. What strengths and weaknesses does Kino reveal in his flight and fight in the mountain? What are Juanas strengths and weaknesses as seen in this chapter? How do Kinos and Juanas personalities balance each other? 3. Explain how the setting in the final chapter reflects the predicament and mood of the characters. 4. What advantages does Kino have in the final flight? What disadvantages confront him? How did you predict the fight would come out and why did you guess that? 5. By the time Juana and Kino return to the village, they have changed so drastically that their neighbors are awestruck by them. What word best describes them after their change: gods, exiles, tragic heroes, saints, or ghosts? Explain. 6. Why does Juana insist that Kino be the one to throw the pearl into the sea?

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