The "Roaring" Twenties - Mr. Cade

The "Roaring" Twenties - Mr. Cade

The Roaring Twenties Boom & Bust Victory, Prohibition & Jazz The Economy The wartime economy took some time to convert to civilian production Strong demand for pulp & paper, cars and other goods that had been restricted during the war

However, prices for natural resources went down as a result of the war ending Ontario, Quebec & British Columbia strong economic growth due to manufacturing Maritime Economy Weak Economy Prairie farmers suffered as price of wheat decreased 60% as a result of higher global production Prices for coal, iron, fish & lumber fell

High freight rates = 42% decrease in manufacturing as jobs shifted to Central Canada (Ont. & Que.) Changes in Trade: Britain was Canadas largest trade partner prior to the 1920s American economy grows rapidly after war demand for Canadian resources 1925 USA is Canadas largest trade partner! Canadian Resources USA American

manufactured goods Sold back to Canada Is this trade arrangement good for Canada? Foreign Ownership 1920s American investment in Canada increased Tariff policies prevented free trade Americans established Branch Plants Branch Plant Americans establish factories in Canada to produce for the Canadian market Pros: Jobs created, investment in Canadian

infrastructure Cons: Profits returned to USA, Branch plants answer to American owners undermine Canadian autonomy Changes in Politics: Liberal Party Liberal Party: 1919 Sir Wilfrid Laurier dies William Lyon Mackenzie king new Liberal leader (grandson of W. L. Mackenzie)

Good compromiser (like Laurier) cautious not to take sides Changes in Politics: Conservative Robert Borden resigned in 1920 Arthur Meighen new leader Excellent orator strong opinions & not

very flexible Changes in Politics: Progressive Party Prairie based party Farmers not happy with tariffs Frustrated with power & influence of central Canada Prairie farmers form new Progressive party In 1921 form Opposition &

elect first female M.P. Agnes Macphail Agnes Macphail First female elected to House of Commons as Progressive M.P. 1925 Election 1925 GENERAL ELECTION (1925.10.29) Conservative: 116

Liberal: 99 Progressive: 24 Other 6 According to these results which party should form the government? RightArthur Meighen expected to be Prime Minister But, the crafty politician Mackenzie King summons the support of the opposition and forms a coalition party, thus giving himself a majority

and control of the government. Look at it like this: Government: 99 Opposition: 146 Minority: 47 Who holds the majority from this perspective? Byng-King Crisis In 1925 the Liberals under Mackenzie King formed

government Liberals were caught in corruption scandal Kings minority government suffers vote of non-confidence King asks Governor General Byng to call election Byng refuses and asks Meighen to be P.M. Meighens government only lasts 3 days before it falls to a vote of non-confidence as well

During the election King accuses Byng of taking orders from London and ruling Canada like a colony. What do you think? Did Lord Byng overstep his role? No, Byng was within his power to deny this request he felt it was in the best interests of all Canadians Byng was trying to save the cost of an election if he could Was King being honest about why Byng refused to grant him his wish for an election?

No. Byng refused to consult with London for the very reason it would appear that Canada was again being ruled as a colony Why did Kings accusation appeal to Canadians? King capitalized on Canadians newfound sense of nationalism and independence Canadians were not going to tolerate taking orders from a British Lord, even if he was right! Changes in Canadian Soceity Jazz Age Role of Women

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