The Renaissance - Ms. Jones's World History Class

The Renaissance - Ms. Jones's World History Class

The Renaissance Rebirth 1300-1500s-ish Move from medieval to modern Why did it begin in Italy? 1. Location Legacy of

Ancient Rome Catholic Church Why did it begin in Italy? 2. Trade Revival Mediterranean Sea &

many ports City-states Powerful family Wealthy merchant class Why did it begin in Italy? 3. Patrons Florence & the Medici

Bankers Uncrowned Kings Patronsupporter of arts Learn from Classical (Roman) artwhat are the characteristics of

Roman art? What was the Renaissance? Time of cultural creativity and political change New World View: Influenced by Greece & Rome Middle Ages seen as backwards

Focus on eternal, religion Focus on the individual & human experience (here and now) Man can do all things, if they will Leon Battista Alberti Adventure and Exploration The Prince by Machiavelli Describes

the perfect prince The end justifies the means, It is better to be feared than loved, Force and prudence, then, are the might of all the governments that ever have been or will be in the world Renaissance Mantalent in everything

The Courtier (1528) by Castiglione The Courtier A true man should be: Charming, witty, & well-educated in the classics Skilled in sword-fighting, wrestling, & horse

riding Dance, sing, play music, write poetry Above all, have self-control and be well- mannered Humanism Response to Medieval scholasticism Classical (Grk-Rmn) Studies

worldly subjects > religious studies Find fulfillment in daily life Education fuels creativity Grammar, rhetoric, poetry, history Father of Humanism: Petrarch New Techniques in Art

Religious topics, famous people Realistic Perspectivetry to paint 3D Shading & Reflection of Light Renaissance Artists Leonardo da Vinci The Essential Renaissance Man

Artist, musician, scientist, inventor, engineer.. Most famous artist: Mona Lisa, The Last Supper Michelangelo Sculptor Pieta, David

Artist Sistine Chapel in Rome Four years Most done standing on a platform Architect Designed St. Peters Basilica Dome Never finishes

Raphael Artist Blends Christian and Classical Modannas (mother of Christ) School of Athens Donatello Sculptor

Realism and natural (Greek) Albrecht Drer German Leonardo Studies in Italy & brings ideas back to Germany Engravings,

religious themes, details Uses math and science in art Other Artists Jan & Hubert van Eyck Everyday life Rich detail

Pieter Bruegel Vibrant colors Peasant life Hans Holbein the Younger German Portraits Realistic & Symbolic

Northern Writers Erasmus: Dutch Priest, Christian Humanist Classical knowledge in Christian studies Spreads ideas to wider public Called for church reform & Bible in

vernacular Thomas More English Social Reform Utopiaideal society William Shakespeare English poet and playwright

Common themes in everyday settings Used common language Very popular favorite of Queen Elizabeth I The Globe Theatre Gutenberg First printing press with moveable type

Printed Bible Books are now: Easy to produce Cheap Available to all Ideas spread quickly

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