The Rise in Spiritual Travel

The Rise in Spiritual Travel

786/110 Tapping the Uncovered -Spiritual Tourism Imtiaz Muqbil, Executive Editor, Travel Impact Newswire Writer and Researcher, Issues & Trends, PATA PATA Travel Mart 2003

03 October 2003 Singapore First time ever at an international travel show Thanks to PATA & Sheila Leong

Why Me? Born in India, studied in a Christian missionary school, a Muslim by faith, now living in Buddhist Thailand Amateur student of the role of religions in world affairs

Write a column in the Bangkok Post Follower of One, Believer in All History of travel Visual Recreational

Physical Mental and now Spiritual Other reasons why

people travel Conquest, trade, missionaries Time Space Knowledge VFR But one of the most important

reasons is: The Search for Self Not just what you know, but who you know People turning to spirituality.

A deeper yearning to Get Connected Times of trouble, uncertainty, difficulty People in search for HOPE and better times Relationships

Rod Gluths Hong Kong story Kamal Kauls son story Phuket Air story The Transition Data

Information Knowledge Intelligence Wisdom Religion and Travel

interlinked Mosques, Churches and Temples. Religious monuments all around the world and featured in itineraries. Part of our heritage, culture, history.

Brands How many of these brands do you recognise? Huge market

Students, old people, families, women Anyone wanting to reconnect with spirituality, foster a sense of community and brotherhood The Importance of water

Sea of Galilee Rivers: Ganges, Brahmaputra, Tigris/Euphrates, Nile, Indus, Mekong, Yangtze Desert: Zam Zam

Sites and Maps Good starting place UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Other places Kumbh Mela Buddhist Circuit Bethlehem 2000 Australia The Haj

Huge inconveniences: Transportation and other logistics, accommodation problems. Sanitation, hygiene, Telecommunications, food, environmental management.

Fire, health Conclusion But entirely worth it. Will be Big Business in Future DONT MISS THE OPPORTUNITY


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