The Roaring Twenties - MRS. HOGARTH'S CLASS

The Roaring Twenties - MRS. HOGARTH'S CLASS

Please find your group number and sit with your group members: Group # Students Name Students Name Students Name Students Name

1 Sama Alexia Robert Laye 2 Emily

Vy Rosa Ryan 3 Scherlley Monica Geoffrey Bree

Kyndle Tyra Macarena 4 Amber 5 Kayla

Janayjha Lanyah Rasheed 6 Spencer Devario Nayely Hastasia

7 Sabir Berthonn Shalexis Please turn to page 68 in the orange book on your desk. Using the graph to complete questions 1-3 on your own sheet of paper. Monday April 11, 2015 The Platt Amendment was a treaty that allowed the

United States to build military bases in which country? A. Haiti B. Cuba C. Colombia D. the Dominican Republic Who led the Philippine forces against the Spanish and then led the Philippine resistance against U. S. annexation? A. George Dewey B. Gavrilo Princip C. Theodore Roosevelt D. Emilio Aguinaldo The Roaring Twenties

Chapter 20 Tuesday April 12, 2016 Wednesday April 13 2016 th Thursday April 14th 2016 Friday April 15th 2016 1920s Slang Words

Slang Word: Meanings: Applesauce: A dollar bee's knee's: Non sense big cheese: Dont do anything stupid

rock: flattery, nonsense,"Aw, ________!" cheaters: a great person or thing pipe down: Stop talking darb:

eye glasses Now you're on the trolley!: terrific; a fad expression. don't take any wooden nickels: important person horse feathers: an idle person 1920s Slang Words

Slang Word: Meanings: Applesauce: A dollar bee's knee's: Non sense big cheese: Dont do anything stupid

rock: flattery, nonsense,"Aw, ________!" cheaters: a great person or thing pipe down: Stop talking darb:

eye glasses Now you're on the trolley!: terrific; a fad expression. don't take any wooden nickels: important person horse feathers: an idle person Three Republican Presidents

(each only serve one term) Put this on the back of your Guided Notes There is a Chart Warren Harding elected 1920 slogan: Return to normalcy rejection of Democrats idealism; return

to isolationism Congress raised tariffs Harding died in office in 1923 presidency known for corruption & scandals presidents/warren-g-harding Calvin Coolidge became Pres. when Harding died; elected in 1924 slogan: The Business of America is Business

emphasized saving money in govt & laissez faire = booming economy continued did isolationism not run for reelection in 1928 Herbert Hoover

elected 1928 slogan: A chicken in every pot; a car in every garage promised continued prosperity Congress raised tariffs

Stock Market crashed in 1929; Hoover blamed for Depression Prohibition & Economy of 1920s Prohibition Prohibition the banning of alcoholic beverages 1919 states ratified Eighteenth

Amendment forbade the manufacture, distribution & sale of alcohol in the U.S. (it was not illegal to buy or consume alcohol) Prohibition Prohibition didnt stop drinking, many Americans drank more Increased organized crime Bootleggers sold illegal alcohol

Speakeasies, secret drinking places in cities, became popular prohibition Twenties Economic Prosperity (pg. 661) 1. Business growth new businesses appeared; profits increased 2. New jobs created 3. Wages rose; purchasing power increased 4. Consumption increased (higher wages; installment plan)

5. Stock market soared bull market; investment increased (esp. due to purchasing on margin buying stocks on credit) 6. Uneven prosperity farmers, minorities & unskilled workers left out Henry Ford You can paint it any color, so long as it's black. Henry Fords Model T Henry Ford: responsible for much of Americas economic

growth 1908 Model T made cars affordable for ordinary Americans by: Mass production used on a larger scale (thousands of parts) Assembly Lines opened large factories (esp. in Detroit) and put cars on moving belts; workers added interchangeable parts; reduced manufacture time from 12 hours to 90 minutes Fords treatment of factory workers: doubled wages (from $2.35 to $5.00 a day) reduced workday (9 hrs to 8 hrs) invented idea of the weekend More money + More free time = buying an automobile

Assembly Lines Ford Highland Park first assembly line in 1913 Examine the graph Describe the relationship between Model T Prices & Sales Model T 1908 Model T - $850

1916 Model T - $350 1927 - $290 1919 10% of American families owned a car 1927 56% of American families owned a car Communism & The Red Scare Communism German philosopher Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto (1848) Struggle between rich & poor Poverty created by the capitalism

(private ownership of wealth) Photo: Karl Marx Marx get rid of private property = no need for money, capitalism, & The Red Scare General A. Mitchell Palmer leader of the Palmer Raids

Red Scare fear of communists & radicals thought to be planning revolution in U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer led raids against suspected radicals & foreigners using Espionage & Sedition Acts

Palmer & agents accused of using torture to obtain intelligence & collect evidence Immigration Restriction Nativists led Congress to restrict immigration to the U.S. from E. & S. Europe & Asia Emergency Quota Act (1921) & National Origins Act (1924) set up a quota system

to determine the number of immigrants of a nationality that could enter the U.S. each year favored immigrants from England and N & W Europe Culture of the 1920s Nineteenth Amendment Approved by Congress in 1919 Gave women the

right to vote Victorian Era v. The Flapper The Flapper young woman from the 1920s who defied traditional rules of conduct & dress Bobbed Hair Characteristics of the

Flapper wore excessive makeup bobbed their hair drank alcohol & smoked

treated drove sex casually automobiles Monday November 10, 2014 Please use the orange book on your desk to complete the following: Turn to page 160- Read the following passage. Write 3

facts from the paragraph. Answer the two review questions at the bottom of page 160 The Harlem Renaissance Background Great Migration continues through the 1920s movement of African Americans from the rural south to the urban north that began during World War I and continued through the 1920s African Americans left the south in search

of .economic .. opportunity, social advancement, greater political rights, & to escape racism The Harlem Renaissance Background most African Americans who moved north found a better life still faced with racism and oppression

average African American lived in the worst housing and had the lowest paying jobs African Americans began to demand a solution to the countrys racial problems The center of this movement was in New York Citys Harlem district

Harlem Renaissance Harlem is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan The Harlem Renaissance Renaissance is Latin for rebirth What was the Harlem Renaissance period of rebirth for?African

American culture During this period, African American novelists, poets, and artists celebrated their culture Marcus Garvey immigrated to Harlem from Jamaica believed blacks were exploited everywhere

solution: Promoted black nationalism organized Back to Africa movement advocated separation of races advocated black pride Jazz created by African Americans

1st purely American music form Started in South & Midwest, (esp. New Orleans - different cultures & traditions mixed) spread north w/ Great Migration

symbol of the Roaring Twenties played in speakeasies in NY, Chicago, St. Louis, and LA The Cotton Club one of Harlems most famous attractions where African Americans played African American music (jazz) to all-white audiences Louis Armstrong

trumpet player famous for jazz music nicknamed Satchmo known as the ambassador of jazz traveled to Africa, Asia, & Europe

also pioneered scat Irving Berlin songwriter inspired songs & composer by jazz music written by Berlin: God Bless America

Blue Skies Ive Got My Love to Keep Me Warm White Christmas Happy Holiday Tin Pan Alley collection of New York City music publishers & songwriters that dominated popular music composers

like Irving Berlin commercialization of music -jazz and blues pop-songs & dance numbers popularized sheet music manufactured for commercial sale & profit Buildings housed sheetmusic publishers that were the center of

American popular music in early 1900s. history/harlem-renaissance African American Literature: Langston Hughes Langston Hughes was a black poet & playwright

wrote poetry & short stories about the black experience that reminded black Americans of their African heritage celebrated African American culture and life Impact of the Harlem Renaissance

gave a voice to African American culture altered the way whites viewed African American culture & the way African Americans viewed themselves gave African Americans a sense of group identity & solidarity

later influenced the Civil Rights Movement Radio 1920s radios became widespread news &

entertainment broadcasts began increased the speed with which people gained information increased national unity Movies

1920s movies became popular 1927 the first movie with sound, The Jazz Singer movies with sounds called talkies roaring-twenties Famous Celebrities Babe Ruth Ty Cobb Jack Dempsey Charles Lindbergh

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