THE RULES - Wolstanton High School

THE RULES - Wolstanton High School

Pupil Bulletin rd 23 January 2017 IMPORTANT DATES Monday 23rd Jan 8.30am: Y11 assembly in the gym Wednesday 15th Feb: Year 7 Parents evening Wednesday 8th March: Y9 options focus day and parents evening

Wednesday 15th March: Year 8 Parents evening 20th to 24th March: Year 9 Maths and English exams Mr Wilkinson Mr Rowley Room 27 Mon Thurs only Room 28 Mon Thurs only

Mr Reynolds Room 29 Mon Thurs only Mrs Jones Room 40 Mr Bahia

Room 41 Mr Wilson-Cunningham Room 42 Mr Smith Room 43 Miss Green Room 44

Miss Lin Room 45 Miss Jackson Room 36 Mrs Lovatt

Room 37 Miss Sayle-Kermode This is a quiet room Room 114 Classrooms open at lunchtime

Lunchtimes and Breaktimes As most of you were aware we trialled on Friday stopping pupils taking food out of the caf area at lunch time. The result of this was there was a lot less litter on the corridors and around school. From TODAY onwards food bought in the caf is to be eaten in the caf area at break time and lunchtime with the exception when there is a BBQ in the quad where the BBQ food can be eaten in the outside quad. Thank you for your cooperation on Friday you

were all amazing and followed the instructions given to you by staff. Go to and click login. Select pupil and enter name, date of birth and type in Wolstanton High School. Click on the school from a drop down list. Select a username, password and a password hint to help remember your password. Any problems with logins speak to Mr Orum . Yr 11 PiXL Mathematics App

The power of PiXL in the palm of your hands. The PMA is an online assessment system that identifies your strengths and areas to develop in Mathematics. The app provides therapy videos to deal with any issues and the means for you to reassess yourself to show that you are making progress and continually moving forward. WOLSTANTON HIGH SCHOOL Aspire to Achieve Year 11 Leader board

Date of results: 22nd Jan 2017 Weekly prizes! School id: WN3773 User name: Surname & first initial eg SMITHJ Password: Surname & first initial eg SMITH Visit

Grey tailored skirt with Wolstanton High School embroidere d on the right hand

side YEAR 11: PREPARATION FOR THE SUMMER GCSE EXAMINATIONS COUNTDOWN 70 school days or 15 school weeks before the GCSE exams start on 15th May 2017 Maximise the use of your time in

school YEAR 11 AFTER SCHOOL REVISION SESSIONS Week A Week B Monday Tuesday

Science ICT / RE / Design and technology History Wednesday Maths Geog / D&T / ICT/ French/Art/

Photography/ Spanish Geog / L&T / French /RE/ ICT / Spanish Thursday Friday English Art / Photography/RE Art/Photography/RE

SPEAK TO YOUR TEACHERS FOR MORE INFORMATION Geography Revision Week B Wednesday and Thursday After School Gn - Wednesday B Lj - Thursday B 11th Controlled

January Assessment Catch 12th January Paper 2 - Changing 2017 - Up 2017 Urban Environments 25th Controlled January Assessment Catch 26th January Paper 2 - Changing 2017

- Up 2017 Urban Environments 8th Controlled February Assessment Catch 9th February 2017 - Up 2017 Paper 2 - Tourism

ALL CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT MUST BE COMPLETED 1st March 2nd March 2017 Paper 2 - Tourism 2017 Paper 2 - Tourism 15th March Paper 2 16th March 2017 Population

2017 Paper 2 - Population Geography Lunchtime Sessions All lunchtime sessions take place in room 6. There are times when you might feel you are in trouble and you are not sure what to do for help. Particularly when you are "on line".

This logo is at the bottom right hand side of the school website. Click on it and it will give you lots of information, for you or someone else that you are worried about. It also gives you direct access for help should you need it Ask your form tutor to click on it and take a few moments to show you all the different sections and also the link to Childline. Childline will deal with anything you are worried about, not just cyber stuff. Both CEOPs and Childline can get help to you quickly.

Lunchtime and After School Activities and Clubs 2017 ( see next slide for PE information) Lunchtime rooms open and clubs Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday ICT rooms 27,28 & 29 ICT rooms 27 & 29 Science homework support all years 130 Key board club 17 ICT rooms 27&28 Young Enterprise

Y11 29 Green Power Club 120 Orchestra 19 ICT rooms 28 & 29 Digital Leaders Y10 3-15- 4-15 After school clubs and support

Science Y11 (Triple and Science A) support Science Y10 (Triple and Triology ) support Green Power Club 120 Year 7 and Year 8 Science club 130


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