The School Health Research Network - What have we been doing ...

The School Health Research Network - What have we been doing ...

The School Health Research Network What have we been doing in the Vale of Glamorgan? Christine Farr Vale of Glamorgan Healthy Schools Coordinator Cardiff and Vale Public Health Team Danielle Diver PSE Co-ordinator Pencoedtre High School 8th July 2019 Participation in SHRN Vale of Glamorgan 100% schools (8/8) participating in the latest survey Student participation within each school from 68-81% All schools have really valued the data and been using it widely.

Partnership Working - Vale Healthy Schools working with colleagues in VOG Learning and Skills - SHRN integral part of Wellbeing in Education approach including informing development of a Policy - Joan presented on SHRN to our Wellbeing in Education forum group - Youth Consultation Event in March this year. Action planning Vale Healthy Schools offered support to each school with analysing data and developing action plans. Included identifying appropriate organisations that can support. Schools were asked to involve pupils in this work and promote their data widely across the school community. Schools were pleased to have data to monitor improvement and evaluate interventions and changes made.

Pencoedtre High School is an 11-18 co-educational comprehensive school with a joint Sixth Form, (with Whitmore High School) for up to 1200 pupils. Our catchment area is the eastern half of Barry. Our intake covers a wide social and ability spectrum. The school has 32% efsm overall but this

will rise in future years. Current Year 7 are 36% efsm. PSE delivered as a carousal once a fortnight Actions from SHRN 2014 Work with outside agencies Whole school approach Updated and shared resources Pupil Voice opportunities

Benefits Opportunities for outside speakers Use of halls ICT Suites/chrome books available for surveys Improved attendance Relationships built with tutors

Pupil voice activities Working with parents and feeder schools Science teachers to teach some SRE lessons Pupil voice response

More SRE lessons Finance lessons Interview techniques CV writing Mortgage advice Role play activities Games Films Outside speakers Needs to be more relevant and must reflect the issues facing young people today. LGBT+ lessons in PSE Actions from

SHRN Results 2016 Sexting workshops Internet safety lessons SRE lessons to be taught in year 9 PLC/Twilight Staff encouraged to sell other items during charity breaks. Growth mindset DEAR lessons Use data to work towards phase 6 Compare results with 2018 Use RAG to plan actions Selfie programme

Achieving phase 6 award Setting up our health and well-being committee Actions from SHRN Results 2018

Promote healthy eating Breakfast club Nurture room Well-being Hub Confidence building workshops in PSE Energy drinks banned in PHS Lessons promoting positive health Pupil voice opportunities Parent questionnaires at parents evening Well-being hub putting Interventions for ACEs and young carers Transition events and MAT clubs to build relationships with primary school pupils. Use data for individual projects

Health and Social GCSE / A Level work What next? Ideas from SHRN event/Pupil voice Wellbeing across the curricular. Health and wellbeing section in newsletter More use of twitter to promote clubs in the area. More lessons and greater focus on mental health, coping strategies. Staff well-being is a focus (PLC set up)

(New challenges due to having boys) More of a focus on good behaviour rather than bad behaviour Peer mentoring- Year 12/13 pupils to help deliver PSE lessons for their community challenge. Improving teacher-pupil relationships by mentoring. Resilience work. Pressure and anxiety guidance.

Look at family of schools SHRN data. Look at 2020 data since becoming a coeducation school. Look at patterns in different year groups. Youth Consultation Event 21st March 2019 Barry Memo The aim of the youth consultation event was to dig deeper into the Local Authority level SHRN findings through a topic focus, encourage students and staff to become familiar with their own school reports and develop realistic action plans. Information gained during the day from students, school staff, and stakeholders would be used to inform a Local Authority level response. All Vale secondary schools who are part of the School Health Research Network

were invited to attend. 5 out of 8 Vale secondary schools accepted the offer, with the remaining 3 having other clashing commitments on the day of the event. 49 pupils and 5 accompanying staff attended. A range of stakeholders representing each of the main SHRN topic areas were invited to support the event by developing and leading consultation workshops. Youth Consultation Event 21st March 2019 Barry Memo Some of the things we found out: The students increased their Would like more information on healthy relationships. knowledge! Do you now know more about SHRN and the health topics covered? 50 40

30 20 10 0 Yes No No time to eat breakfast. Pressure to chose subjects to early and pressure from everyone on results. Pupils were clear in their preference for outside agencies to deliver substance misuse education.

Appreciated being given a voice! Not enough fruit available at home or school. Not able to relax stress / sleep problems. Teachers are stressed too! Youth Consultation Event 21st March 2019 Barry Memo At the end of the day, students were asked to come up with 5 main actions to take back to schools; a few examples:

More visiting speakers on healthy relationships Help those misusing drugs and alcohol dont punish them. Discuss mental health issues with peers. Later bus home so pupils can take part in after school activities Space and time to read quietly and relax during the day What next?

- Prepare for next round of surveying in the Autumn - Assess success of action planning process. - At a Local Authority / Stakeholder level continue to develop interventions eg CAMHS are already offering extra sessions on sleep and the Youth Wellbeing Service on Exam Pressure. Healthy Schools and Vale Council Health and Safety Team continue to work on staff health and wellbeing. Thanks / Diolch! Christine Farr Vale of Glamorgan Healthy Schools Scheme, Cardiff and Vale Public Health Team [email protected] 02921 832110 Twitter - @schoolhealthvog @ysgolioniachfro

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