The Shoulder - PSAU

The Shoulder - PSAU

The Shoulder Anatomy Bones 4 Articulations AC, GH, SC, and Sub Ac Glenoid Labrum fibrocartilagenous rim of glenoid fossa

50% of socket provided by Labrum Capsule Glenoid margin to humeral anatomical neck Lax Lined with synovial membrane

Becomes weaker with age Coracohumeral ligament broad thickening of upper capsule Ligaments Superior, middle and inferior Glenohumeral

Ligaments Coracoacromial forms the coracoacromial arch Transverse humeral Anterior Scapula Muscle Attachments Posterior Scapula Muscle

Attachments Anterior Musculature Supraspinatus Subscapularis Biceps Coracobrachialis Pectoralis Major and Minor

Deltoid Posterior Musculature Infraspinatus Teres Minor Triceps Rotator Cuff

Infraspin. Subscap. Teres minor Reduces AP shearing Subscapularis most powerful Inferior rotator cuff

controls centring of the humeral head in elevation Bursa Main pain generators of shoulder? Subscapula bursa communicates with capsule

Subacromial bursa facilitates movt between coracoacromial arch + subjacent supraspinatus + shoulder joint Neurology Supplied by C5 C4 AC joint

Dermatomes C4 top of shoulder C5 lat asp of arm to wrist Muscles C5 Deltoid, supraspinatus, infraspinatus C6 Biceps, Subscapularis C7 Triceps, Lat Dorsi, Pec Major, Teres Major Surface Markings

Supraspinatus insertion Subscapularis insertion

Infraspinatus insertion Acromion Coracoid AC joint line sagital plane

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