The State of Nature -

The State of Nature -

The State of Nature Teaching Analysis of Political Theories University of New Mexico OLIT 533 Fall 2011 Susan Boye-Lynn Simulation Project Description Create a Simulation for: American College Freshmen Introducing State of Nature Theories Teaching Academic Writing What is a State of Nature Theory: Analysis An argument about how government came to be, based on the authors assumptions about the people. Learning Objectives:

Discover, Compare, Contrast and Analyze Political Theories Learning Objectives: To identify theoretical assumptions with 80% accuracy by the midterm exam. To prepare rubrics for framing multiple theoretical assumptions, for use in position papers and analyses, with 80% accuracy by the mid-term exam. To compare and contrast theories using the Rubric framework to interpret the various theories and the Brief Analysis format to frame the students writing. To critique major theses by writing position papers and analyses, using the Brief Analysis and Theory Paper formats, throughout the second half of the semester. Final Objectives: To judge arguments in political theory using the Theory Paper format Exceptionally: to synthesize or create a Theory Paper illustrating a synthetic or original conception of political thought. Simulation Design Overview Underlying Model

Opening Scenario Students fly over a hillside to a building with many doors Inside a projector plays a recorded message providing their learning objectives and an introduction to the Learner Objects course Center Projector Library Satchel Center Interface & Controls The Desk Provides: Starting Point Functional Space Using a Keyboard & Mouse users can access: Announcements

Assignments Calendar Dropbox Feedback Format Documents Grades Messages Notebook Position Papers Quotes Rubrics Work in Progress Primary Curriculum Workspace Message Board Calendar Student Instructions Learner Directions Simulation Start Guide

To Open: Use the mouse to select the State of Nature (SoN) icon. SoN will fly users to the Learning Center. At the Center, an video will provide initial instruction Explore the Center: Participation is made simple through the use of the mouse to move and to interact with objects. Movement: Free Look Mode Cursor Mode Interaction: click on it cursor will change depending on function Tasks & Options Tasks Options Find Quotes Projector, Library,

Landscape Scenarios Fill in Rubrics Notebook, Desk Compare & Contrast Rubrics Notebook, Desk Analyze Theories Notebook, Desk Landscape Scenarios Choices, choices Instructors may select order of scenarios or students may Each scenario offers the ability to be an observer or actor

Students may collect dropped quotes or take notes Notebook Rousseaus Cliff Platos Cave Rawls Veil of Ignorance Hobbes Zoo Lockes Market Navigation Doors Authors Name & Text Map lighting areas reached Map used to select entry point Warning: Stay on Path Notebook

inside cover Map lighting areas reached Map to move areas in scenario Menu Bar Start at prior end point Return to Desk Close program HobbeS Zoo Leviathan Scenario Options To be or not to be Students may be observers or actors In Hobbes Scenario this could lead to being mugged and returned to the Center In Lockes Scenario one can gain a place in the market by

using ones labor Students get real feedback in scenarios as they interact, or not if they simply observe Quotes Quotes can be found in texts or dropped in the Landscape Scenarios. They are born men; they are born free; their liberty belongs to them; no one but themselves has the right to dispose of it. - Rousseau No man in civil society can be exempted from the laws of it. - Locke A sense of justice is the capacity to understand, to apply, and to act from the public conception of justice which characterizes the fair terms of social co-operation. - Rawls Increased interaction increases quote dropping. Rubrics Element Author/Text

(Rousseau/The Social Contract) What is human nature? (good/bad, generous/selfish, etc) What is the role of government? All legitimate authority among men must be based on covenants. What is the basic unit of society? Each one of us puts into the community his person and all his powers under the supreme direction of the general will What is the definition of fair?

What is the definition of freedom? Man acquires with civil society moral freedom, which alone makes man the master of himself; for to be governed by Paper Format Analytical Paper Structure Paragraph Layout Topic sentence thesis statement Introduction to the evidence Evidence quote with citation Interpretation of the evidence Analysis of the argument made Layout of the papers Point Counterpoint Point

Instructor Controls Content Projector: Videos, Video Lectures - Library: Texts & Lecture Notes Assignments - alter, amend or add assignments. Display on a Calendar on the Desk and notebook Assessments alter, amend or add tests Display on a Calendar on the Desk and Notebook Monitoring Access to student Notebooks, records of Landscape Scenario interactions, and access of Center resources. Statistics -

Demonstrate the amount of time in the simulation, average time per session, number of interactions in Landscape Scenarios and Center, & grades. Grading Grade Sheets are a part of Desk Options Feedback slips are clipped to the Grade Sheet. Messaging Announcements and Messages are promptly displayed on the Desk and Notebook Feedback Students Instructors Receive Receive Grades

Feedback Messages Natural response Student Evaluations Submit Submit Messages Evaluations Designers Receive Student Evaluations Faculty Evaluations Grades

Feedback Messages Simulation Evaluations Databases Content Help Desk Primary Texts in Library, FAQs Videos in Projector, and IT Quotes from Landscape Scenarios Course Activity

Scenarios AI Background Monitoring Information Calculations Statistical Information Scenery Objects Course Documents Argumentation Forms Sounds Student Databases Assignments Assignments in Process

Calendar Grading & Feedback Rubric Forms Notebook Contents Sample Work Quotes on file Syllabus Submissions Menus File Go To View

Help Cursor Exit Export Paste Print Restart Save Send View Center Desk Library Notebook Projector Quotes Scenario Sounds Announcements

Assignments Calendar Grades Feedback Messaging Notebook Rubric FAQs Forms IT Syllabus Free Look Cursor Mode Dropdown Menus allow students to access all areas of the class regardless of location in the simulation.

Fin They have their exits and their entrances - Shakespeare, As You Like It Exiting the program students may:use the Dropdown Menu press Esc. The simulation then inquires whether or not that sessions material should be saved. The State of Nature Simulation is complete when students write their term paper using clear, logical, reasoned analysis illustrated with authors quotes. Exceptional work would include their own ideas.

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