The Tariff Debate (pages 328-329) - Lincoln Park

The Tariff Debate (pages 328-329) - Lincoln Park

The Tariff Debate (pages 328-329) Explain in your own words what a tariff is. _______________________________________ Why did many northerners support tariffs? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Why did many southerners oppose them? _______________________________________ _______________________________________ The Tariff Debate (pages 328-329) Define: States Rights-__________________________ _______________________________________ Nullify-_______________________________

_______________________________________ The Tariff Debate (pages 328-329) Describe how the tariff debate and the Nullification Crisis threatened to split the nation. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ Nullification Crisis: The Tariff of Abominations

In 1828, Congress passed the highest tariff in the nations history The tariff helped northern manufacturers by protecting them from foreign competition, but hurt southern planters who sold their cotton in Europe and bought European goods in return Cartoon of The Tariff of Abominations Nullification Crisis: Calhoun & States Rights Vice President Calhoun lead the Souths fight against the tariff He claimed that states have the

right to nullify (cancel) any federal laws they consider unconstitutional This idea is known as states rights, or the right of states to limit the power of the federal government John C. Calhoun Nullification Crisis: The Vice President Resigns Calhoun & other southerners expected Jackson to support their view

At a states rights dinner in 1830, Jackson made his position clear when he declared, Our Federal Unionit must be preserved! Calhoun replied, The Unionnext to our liberty, most dear. He believed the liberty of a state was more important than the Union Calhoun resigned as V.P. because he disagreed with Jackson, and will later be elected senator John C. Calhoun of South Carolina The Nullification Crisis: The Nullification Act & its Resolution

In 1832, Congress lowered the tariff slightly However, South Carolina was not satisfied and passed the Nullification Act, which made the new tariff illegal South Carolina also threatened to secede (leave) the Union if challenged Jackson was furious because he knew that this could lead to civil war and destroy the country Jackson got Congress to pass the Force Bill which gave him the power to use the army to enforce the tariff in

South Carolina He also supported Clays compromise plan that would lower tariffs Due to Jacksons firm stand, no other state joined South Carolina, and they had to give in and agree to the compromise and repealed the Nullification Act Cartoon on the Nullification Crisis

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