The Third Wish by Joan Aiken - The World of Teaching

The Third Wish by Joan Aiken - The World of Teaching

The Third Wish by Joan Aiken Focus: Mood and Conflict Comparison w/ The Monkeys Paw Lets Review What are the five stages of a plot?

Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Conflict

For this lesson we are going to look at both the stages of the plot and how the mood of a story can influence the major conflict. Another Review: What are the two types of conflict? Internal Conflict & External Conflict

Essential Question What influence does mood have on the conflict in a short story? As the plot builds in the story, the mood develops and enhances the conflict and encourages the reader to become more involved in their reading.

Brainstorming Activity Think about Wishing. What kinds of things do you wish for? What wishing customs can you think of? On a sheet of notebook paper, write down all you know about wishing.

Did you think about . . . Wishing wells? Did you think about . . . Aladdin and the Genie?

Did you think about . . . Throwing pennies in a fountain? Did you think about . . . Wishing on a shooting star? Building Background

What do you know about swans? Building Background Swans have appeared in European folklore and mythology since ancient times, when people believed that Zeus, king of the gods, once came to earth disguised as a swan.

According to legend, a swan sings one strange and beautiful song in its lifetimeas it is dying. The modern phrase swan song, meaning a persons farewell appearance or final work, is based on this legend. Vocabulary Preview

The beautiful swan sat preening itself, hoping to extricate the mud from its feathers. Some malicious person, sitting on the outskirts of the lake, had tried to harm the swan by throwing mud at it. It was presumptuous of that person to assume the swan would not swim away quickly after the first attack.

On your sheet of notebook paper, write the possible definitions for the underlined words. Definitions Preening: (n.) cleaning feathers with a beak Extricate: (v.) to free from tangle or difficulty Malicious: (adj.) showing ill will; spiteful

Outskirts: (n.) the region remote from the central district of a city or town Presumptuous: (adj.) excessively bold, confident, or shameless Joan Aiken If you enjoy The Third Wish,

you may enjoy. EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY Go to this website and complete one of the following 10 facts about her life using the timeline (cannot be all from the same slide) Print a photo from the gallery and explain what you think it represents; print a photo

from her Joans art and explain why you chose that particular piece. List the 13 groups/genres of books she has written and name one book title in each. Lets Get Started Open your literature books to page 672.

Lets look at the Focus Your Reading section. Once again, we will focus on the stages of the plot: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. Activity

Before we begin reading, look at the handout for this lesson. It has two sides: one about the plot, the other about character motivation. Notice how the conflict is involved in setting up the rising action. Look over this handout for a few minutes before we begin reading. You do not have to fill it out as we

read; however, you need to know what to look for during the story. This powerpoint was kindly donated to Is home to well over a thousand powerpoints

submitted by teachers. This a free site. Please visit and I hope it will help in your teaching

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