The Verb Gustar

The Verb Gustar

The Verb Gustar, por qu? And porque Spanish 1- Chapter 2 Definition The verb gustar means to like It is used to discuss liking people, places, things, and activities.

Conjugation The verb gustar is usually used in two of the conjugations. Gusta Gustan Gusta vs. Gustan

Gusta- is the singular form and is used to discuss liking 1 thing. It can also be used in front of an infinitive verb. Ex: Me gusta el libro. Ex: Me gusta leer libros. (even though libros is plural here the form of gustar is based on the infinitive verb.)

Gusta vs. Gustan Gustan- is the plural form and is used to discuss liking more than one thing. Ex: Me gustan los libros. Personal Articles We use personal articles in front of gustar to show who is doing the liking.


Te Le Nos Os Les Me Me gusta/n = I like

Ex: Me gusta el helado. (I like the ice cream) Ex: Me gusta comer el helado. (I like to eat the ice cream.) Ex: Me gustan los helados. (I like the ice creams.) Te Te gusta/n = You like

Ex: Te gusta la muchacha. (You like the girl.) Ex: ?Te gusta la muchacha? (Do you like the girl?) Ex: Te gustan las muchachas. (You like the girls.) Ex: Te gusta ver las muchachas. (You like to see the girls.)

Le Le gusta/n = He/she/it likes. Ex: Ricardo le gusta la pelicula. (Ricardo likes the film.) Ex: Ricardo le gustan las peliculas. (Ricardo likes the films.) Ex: Ricardo le gusta ver las peliculas. (Ricardo likes to see films.)

Nos Nos gusta/n = We like. Ex: Nos gusta la flor. (We like the flower.) Ex: Nos gustan las flores. (We like the flowers.) Ex: Ricardo y yo nos gusta recoger las flores. (Ricardo and I like to pick the flowers.)

Os Os gusta/n = You all like. Ex: Os gusta la fiesta. (You all like the party.) Ex: Os gustan las fiestas. (You all like the parties.) Ex: Os gusta ir a la fiestas. (You all like to go to parties.)

Les Les gusta/n = They like. Ex: Rosa y Ricardo les gusta la pizza. (Rosa and Ricardo like pizza.) Ex: Rosa y Ricardo les gustan las pizzas. (Rosa and Ricardo like pizzas.) Ex: Rosa y Ricardo les gusta comer pizza.

(Rosa and Ricardo like to eat pizza.) Por qu? Por qu? is used to ask why? Por qu te gusta el helado?- Why do you like ice cream? Porque

Porque is used to say because Me gusta porque es delicioso. I like it because its delicious.

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