The World of Music 7th Edition - Lake-Sumter State College

The World of Music 7th Edition - Lake-Sumter State College

The World of Music 7th Edition Part 2 Listening to American Music: Folk, Religious, Pop, and Jazz CHAPTER 6 American Popular Music American Popular Music Tin Pan Alley Country African American influenced Blues Gospel Motown Rap Pop/Pock

Common Traits of Popular Music Music that is known by a majority of interested people at any given time Simple and Tuneful Singable Lyrics Repetitive Three (or less) chords (typically) Strong Beat and Regular Meter Clear Phrases Measuring a Songs Popularity Then measured by sales of sheet music Now Radio/Jukebox play Billboard Magazine The Hit Parade Radio Show Airplay

Sales LPs/45s Cassettes/8-Tracks CDs Downloads Colonial American/Pre 20th Century Popular Music Opera Melodies Scottish and Irish Airs Hymns German Art Songs

Songs by Stephen Foster Old Folks at Home (Swanee River) Oh Susanna! My Old Kentucky Home Old Black Joe Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair Come Where My Love Lies Desiring Beautiful Dreamer Minstrel Shows

Minstrel Song First Distinctive American Music style Lively, Syncopated, humorous Written by and for Whites, sung by musicians in Black Face Attempted to portray the Negro way of life Often Stereotypical and not accurate Drawn from: Popular Music Folk Music Songs from Italian Opera

Eventually written by Black Composers So it ended up as: Blacks, portraying Whites, who were portraying Blacks Preceded Vaudeville Vaudeville Shows Similar to modern variety shows typically a group of unrelated acts Singers Dancers Comedians Jugglers Child Performers Animals Dramatic Sketches

Tin Pan Alley A place in NYC 28th street Typically in Verse-Chorus form Where to hear Tin Pan Alley Sons Vaudeville Broadway Musicals Films Nightclubs Radio and Recordings Jazz Concerts

Tin Pan Alley Names Composers Jerome Kern Cole Porter George Gershwin Irving Berlin Richard Rodgers Performers

Al Jolson Eddie Cantor Rudy Vallee Kate Smith Paul Whiteman Bing Crosby Broadway Musicals A Musical Play Acting Singing (but using vernacular languages) Costumes National Tours

Then Stirke Up the Band Porgy and Bess West Side Story Oklahoma! Now

The Producers Spam-a-lot Cats The Lion King Phantom of the Opera Film and Film Music born in 1927 The Jazz Singer Entertainment for the masses Transports the viewer to a different world Singers who Act(ed) Then Bing Crosby Frank Sinatra

Barbra Streisand Now Harry Connick Jr. Lindsay Lohan 50 Cent Ice-T Radio and Recordings Invention of the Term Hit Folk Styles Now were preserved Recorded specialized categories of music Sold the recordings back to the category of people the music came from

Fame for Formerly Obscure Artists Aided the spread of Jazz Country Music Hillbilly Cowboy Songs Western Swing Bluegrass Nashville Sound Hillbilly Described the poor, illiterate, rural, uneducated

southerners Viewed as culturally and musically inferior Later it represented wholesome concepts in America Performers Uncle Dave Macon The Carter Family Jimmy Rodgers Cowboy songs Dealt with Loneliness and infidelity When performed on solo piano: Honky Tonk Propelled by the movie industry Singing Cowboys: Gene Autry Tex Ritter Roy Rogers

Bluegrass Mountain Music Instruments Acoustic Guitar Fiddle Mandolin Bass Fiddle Banjo Artists then Bill Monrow Lester Flatt

Earl Scruggs Artists Now Alison Krauss Nickel Creek Nashville Bluegrass Band The Nashville Sound Grand Ole Opry Influential from 1957-1971 Made Nashville an important city in the American Music Industry Obscured roots of country Musicians Roy Acuff Chet Atkins Contemporary Country

Honky-Tonk Bluegrass Cowboy Music Mainstream or Traditional Country Young Country Success measured by tours and concerts Popular Music with AfricanAmericans

Motown Gospel Rhythm and Blues (R+B) Race Records Recorded speciality types of music marketed for African-Americans Boogie Woogie Soul An extension of R+B Name changed in 1969 by Billboard mag Picked up where Motown left off Rock A combination of Black music (R+B) and White music (C+W)

Originally segregated, but Brown v. BOE changed that Rockabilly Southern C+W plus Rock British Invasion Served mostly Urban Whites In England, it is influenced by American R+B Everly Brothers Buddy Holly Chuck Berry Little Richard Groups

The Beatles The Rolling Stones The Who Pick Floyd Strongly Influenced Future Rock Bands New Technologies Create Rock Genres Sound Amplification Studio Manipulations

Synthesizers MIDI Sampling Mixing Acid Rock Art Rock Blues Rock

Folk Rock Gospel Rock Industrial Rock New Wave Punk Southern Rock Metal Rap and Hip-Hop Embraced Technology Socially Aware Led by Black Males New use of the Turntable/ Record Player as an instrument Scratching Turntabalism From Urban Arts

Street Poetry Graffitti Tagging Break Dancing

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