THEMES By - Hebah Mireille Nouran Index of contents Poverty (Hebah) Self-creation (Nouran) Racism (Mireille) Love (Hebah) Death (Nouran)

Insecurity (Mireille) End POVERTY He had not cried, not for thirty years, not since he was a hungry child too young to know that crying did not fill your belly. (Page 4 & 5) This quotation informs us of how ever since Thornhill was a child, all he could remember was his weeping due to his empty stomach, and the crying never seemed to make a difference to his hunger.

The rent was in arrears (Page 46) This implies that Mr. and Mrs. Thornhill couldnt afford to pay their rent. The word arrears emphasizes this point as its definition is money that is owed and should have been paid earlier. SELF-CREATION No man had worked harder than he had done, and been rewarded for his labor.. He would have said that he had everything a man could want. (Page 329) This quotation shows that William is now a rich man with

300 acres of land and he can actualize himself by having his own land all to himself. "Thornhill had a way with the gentlemen a loud cheery thing that he did, that rode above the plaintive cries of the others. This way! He roared. Step right down to the Hope ,sir, finest vessel on the river! (Page 30) This quotation shows that Thornhill is gaining knowledge about human nature. RACISM They are savages, Dick. We are civilized folk, we dont go

round naked. Thornhill describes the blacks as uncivilized who do nothing but go around naked. The English only think about the blacks as savagely violent and unpleasant. He tries to explain to Dick that he cant run around with no clothes on and play with savages, even if he appreciates them and is impressed by their skills. Thornhill thinks that the blacks have come to harm him family so he threatens to shoot them. One of them blacks is worth ten of a little brainless maggot

like you. Blackwood describes the blacks as maggots who dont have brains to think. The stupidest of them whites was basically the smartest of them blacks according to Blackwood. Why youre no better than a dumb animal. Sals comments were racist towards the Aborigines. Thinking of the Aborigines as dumb animals makes them seem less threatening. LOVE

Love came upon him so gradually that it was not even given the name.(Page 36) This quote portrays how Thornhill had fallen deeply in love with Sal without even being aware of it. His love for her had progressively grown day by day, without him even realizing the fact that he was indeed in love with her. He felt a spurt of love for her, that she was providing a way to explain the new world to herself. (Page 199) This quotation suggests to the reader how Thornhill loved Sal for how she began to understand that that was their new life. She came to accept it and once again proved to Will how she is highly

adaptable to change, which is why he felt a sudden gush of love for her. DEATH "...her father had gone." (Page 47) This quotation informs the reader that Sal's father was dead. "There was a kind of innocence in waiting for Mr. Executioner. The difference with this was that he was choosing it, of his own free will. (Page 314) This quotation shows that he was comparing both deaths

as when he was in Newgate he was going to die and it was out of his hands but now he was choosing to die. INSECURITY The hut offered no safety. The Thornhills lived in fear of being killed or attacked in this new land. Being in the hut was as dangerous as being outside. They always had thoughts of someone breaking in, killing them, robbing them, etc. Clothed as he was, Thornhill felt skinless as a maggot. Thornhill felt like he was being watched and exposed. He

felt like nothing could cover him up, not even the clothes he is wearing. His muscles were tensed from insecurity. -END- THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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