THIS IS YOUR PRESENTATION TITLE - School Curriculum and ...

THIS IS YOUR PRESENTATION TITLE - School Curriculum and ...


2 COMMUNITY SERVICE (ADCS) An Authority-developed endorsed program 55-hour program At least 50 hours of community service Up to 5 hours of induction and reflection For students in Years 10, 11 and 12

3 WACE RECOGNITION Unit equivalence One program = one unit equivalent Program can be repeated for a maximum of four unit equivalents Reported on statement of results (WASSA) Under heading of Authority-developed endorsed programs Statement of total number of hours of service completed over Years 10, 11 and 12 as reported by school

4 MANAGING PROGRAMS Managed by individual schools Can be adapted to suit: current practice school context student abilities and interests community needs staffing and other

resources. 5 DELIVERING PROGRAMS Can be delivered: in or out of school time individually or collaboratively through one or multiple activities as part of the school curriculum or as extra-curricular activity over a school term, a semester, a year or more than a year.

6 DEFINING COMMUNITY SERVICE Activities undertaken for the benefit of individuals and/or community for no financial reward. 7 WHAT COUNTS AS SERVICE? SCHOOL-ORIENTATED

SERVICE providing service in an area of need within the school environment COMMUNITYORIENTATED SERVICE + providing service in an area of need within the broader community

8 COMMUNITY SERVICE ACTIVITIES Direct activities which involve personal contact with the person being served such as: mentoring a new student on orientation day singing in a choir at an aged care facility Indirect activities which do not involve personal contact with the person being

served such as: growing vegetables to supplement a soup kitchen 9 COMPLETION REQUIREMENTS FOR ADCS To achieve one program a student must: complete at least 50 hours of community service logged by the student validated by an unrelated adult supervisor verified by the school

undertake up to 5 hours of induction and reflection create and submit to the school for assessment, a portfolio with evidence of knowledge and understanding abilities, skills and/or techniques participation and engagement 10 A Achieved N Not achieved 2 Two programs achieved

3 Three programs ACHIEVEMENT DESCRIPTOR CODES FOR ADCS achieved 4 Four programs achieved W Withdrawn 11

REPORTING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT TO THE AUTHORITY Schools are required to: enrol each student by mid-August of the year in which the program/s will be completed report the number of programs achieved by each student by end of October (Year 12) or end of November (Year 10 and 11) 12 ACCRUED CREDIT

Up to four unit equivalents of endorsed programs can be accrued Unit equivalents are allocated to either Year 11 or Year 12 in the manner that best advantages the student If the maximum unit equivalence is exceeded, achievements are reported on the WASSA but do not contribute to the WACE 13 THANKS!

Arti Dogra Principal Consultant VET and Endorsed Programs School Curriculum and Standards Authority 303 Sevenoaks Street Cannington 6107 Phone: (08) 9273 6751 Email: [email protected] Website: Presentation template designed by SlidesCarnival 14

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