Thomson Reuters Presentation Template

Thomson Reuters Presentation Template

INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCHERID Agenda What is ResearcherID? Why do you need ResearcherID? Search ResearcherID Access ResearcherID and create a profile

Manage a profile Build a publication list Integration with Web of Science and EndNote Basic Link ResearcherID and ORCID profiles View citation metrics Use ResearcherID Labs environment

What is ResearcherID? Online registry for creating a unique Researcher ID number Build a publication list identifying your work Make your profile public or private Public profiles can be searched and viewed by others

Generate citation metrics including:

H-index Citation distribution per year Total Times Cited count Average Times Cited Why do we need ResearcherID? Individuals need to verify who wrote

what: Career advancement & tenure Identification and attribution of ones scholarly works for funding Global collaboration Institutions need to:

Get exposure for their research activities Collect and manage their institutions research output Help researchers get more funding Search ResearcherID profiles by names, countries, institutions, keywords

Powerful search tool Each profiles contains a unique Identifier. Web of Science can be searched with this identifier A public ResearcherID profile

12 publications, indexed in Web of Science, or not. Search the Web of Science with this Identifier and find 11 publications

ORCID Integration What is ORCID? Feature

ResearcherID ORCID Persistent ID Yes

Yes User profile Yes

Yes Publication List Yes

Yes Citation metrics Yes

No User privacy controls Yes

Yes Curator

Link ResearcherID Labs Every member of ResearcherID has a Labs page. Availability of features is dependent on a researcher's privacy settings and on whether their publication list contains records added from Web of

Science. Chart and map additional data on each member's collaborators and on those papers citing a researchers works. Incorporate a ResearcherID "badge" into your own Web page or blog.

Navigating to Labs ResearcherID Labs Tools Researcher ID badge

Collaboration Network Citing Articles Network Search the Web of Science with ResearcherID or ORCID numbers

Additional Resources: Customer Technical Support: To view additional recorded training, visit our website: If you have questions, contact the training team: DKUJI ZA POZORNOST David Hork Country Manager pro stedn a vchodn Evropu Thomson Reuters [email protected]

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