Operations & Power Division 2013 Presentation to the Board of Directors Washington, D.C. Wednesday, November 13, 2013 4:00 PM 5:30 PM OPD Mission The advancement of science and engineering related to: The dissemination of knowledge and information in the area of power reactors with particular application to the production of electric power and process heat. Power plants, research and test reactors, and other nuclear facilities, including but not limited to design, construction, economics, licensing, quality assurance, fuels, management, and public acceptance. The safe and efficient operation of nuclear facilities, including power reactors, research and test reactors, and other nuclear facilities, through professional staff development, information exchange, and supporting the generation of viable solutions to current issues. OPD Governance Officers: Chair: Mike Spellman Secretary: Art Wharton First Vice-Chair: Dick Cole

Treasurer: Vince Gilbert Second Vice-Chair: Tom Remick Past-Chair: Stephanie Banker Executive Committee: OPD Total Membership OPD Annual Membership Numbers 4700 4572 4600 4500 4400 4483 4475 4412 4358 4316 4300

4215 4213 4200 4309 4187 4181 4115 4063 4100 4052 4000 3900 3800 3700 2000 2001

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 OPD Student Membership

OPD Budget Division Finances Actual 12/31/2012 Budget 2013 Actual 8/31/2013 Budget Funds Carry Forward Member Allocation Division Income 205,959 8,950 156,964 339,494 8,503 70,000 362,441

5,888 65,063 Total Budget Funds 371,773 417,997 433,392 Budget Expenses Newsletters Awards and Plaques National Meeting Costs Division Officer Expense Scholarship/NEED Funding Other-Improvement Projects Student Support 0 50 13,261 0 0 0

19,000 2000 500 34,000 250 0 3,000 32,000 0 202 20,302 0 0 0 27,500 Total Expenses 32,379 71,750 48,004

133,535 6,153 22,947 Excess of Budgeted Funds over Expenses 01/30/2020 (Notes 1,2) Notes: 1. $86,729 spent in September for UWC relocation 2. $86,729 loaned to ANS National in September for UWC relocation 7 OPD Planning 1-year Tactical Plan Maintained and updated in each EC Meeting 5-year Strategic Plan Update currently in progress Succession planning: 6-year rotation of officers Treasurer elected each year Automatic succession for other officers 14 Additional At-large members on the Executive

Committee for 3-year terms OPD website is posted Two newsletters published each year OPD Contributions to ANS ANS Position Statements #14 Use of Nuclear Energy for the Production of Process Heat #22 #33 #51 #56 #60 #62 #75 (Nov. 2003) Creation of an Independent Entity to Manage U.S. Used Nuclear Fuel (Nov. 2009) Licensing New Nuclear Plants (Nov. 2005) Reactor Safety (June 2007) The Need for Near-Term Deployment of New Nuclear Plants (June 2005) Nuclear Energy for Hydrogen Generation (June 2003) Use of Nuclear Energy for Desalination (March 2005) The Need for Deployment of the Next Generation Nuclear Power Project (March 2005)

OPD Contributions to ANS Society Leadership OPD Executive Committee meets at both National Meetings OPD Maintains Active Liaisons with ANS National Committees Bylaws and Rules Committee (OPD Chair) Honors and Awards Committee (OPD Chair) Professional Divisions Committee (OPD Chair is an at-large member) Public Information (Executive Committee Member) Membership (OPD Secretary) Local Sections (Executive Committee Member) Planning (Art Wharton) Public Policy (Art Wharton) OPD Service to Membership Peer Recognition/Awards Walter H. Zinn Award (1976)

2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 Loyd Wright (SCE-Retired) None (Limited nominations submitted) Edward (Ted) L. Quinn (Technology Resources) None (Limited nominations submitted) Harold Denton Utility Leadership Award (1994, National in 2005) 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 David Heler (APS)

Keith Moser (Exelon) John McGaha (Entergy Retired) Mike Kansler (Entergy) Amir Shahkarami (Exelon) Utility Achievement Award (1994, National in 2005) 2013 Dresden Nuclear Station 2012 North Anna Power Station 2011 Beaver Valley Nuclear Station Unit 1 2010 Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station 2009 Fort Calhoun Station South Texas Project Best Session Awards Best Paper Awards 01/30/2020 11

OPD Service to Membership Scholarships UPDATE NEEDED OPD Service to Membership Student Support Provided financial support annually for multiple student interns to participate in the Utility Working Conferences Provide annual financial contributions to Student Conferences Provide annual contributions for student travel to the ANS National Meetings OPD Meeting Participation Two National Meetings per year Multiple Paper & Panel Sessions at each meeting Class I, II, and II Topical Meetings UWC (Class I every August at Amelia Island, FL) (1) (1) Moved back from Westin Resort Hotel in Hollywood, FL beginning in 2014

ICAPP (International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants; Class III in even years, Class IV in odd years) 1st SMR Embedded Topical 2011 2nd SMR Embedded Topical - 2013 01/30/2020 14 2013 OPD Metrics and Measures Division Meetings Division Governance Division Division Contributions Services to to Society Membership National Meeting Participation

Succession Planning ANS Position Statements Professional Development Class I and II Topicals Membership Trends Participation with Outside Professional Societies Scholarships Class III Topicals Communications

Society Leadership Peer Recognition/ Awards Division Planning Non-meeting Publications Student Support Commitment to YMG 01/30/2020 15 Areas of Success Broad participation of OPD Members throughout the Society and Committees Utility Working Conference (4-year growth to major meeting) ICAPP Scholarships Student Support (conferences and travel) Awards (UWC and National technical sessions)

Support for SMRs 01/30/2020 16 Future Focus Areas Maintain the Utility Working Conference as the premiere topical meeting for utility participation. Create alignment with the new ANS Strategic Plans Mission Imperatives Continued Student Support and engagement Utility Involvement in ANS (major program initiative) Continue to evaluate appropriate uses for OPD funds. Complete several strategic improvement projects in 2014 budget cycle 01/30/2020 17

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