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MSc in Mathematical Trading & Finance MSc in Quantitative Finance MSc in Financial Mathematics Information Session 6 February 2014, 18.30 MSc programmes ACTUARIAL Actuarial Science Actuarial Management MANAGEMENT Streams in: Strategic Management Marketing Entrepreneurship FINANCE

Corporate Finance Finance Investment Management Banking & International Finance International Accounting & Finance Real Estate Investment Finance and Investment (part-time only) QUANTITATIVE FINANCE SHIPPING, TRADE & FINANCE Shipping, Trade & Finance Energy, Trade & Finance Mathematical Trading & Finance

Quantitative Finance Financial Mathematics REAL ESTATE Real Estate Real Estate Investment INSURANCE Insurance & Risk Management One of the worlds top ranked business schools 1 Top % of elite business schools with triple accreditation to

AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB Located in the heart of the financial centre of London, with 3000 students. Facilities Great location on the doorstep of the City of London Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters trading rooms Wireless access throughout the building Well stocked library with most recent book stock & journals All teaching is informed by the latest research Ranks Cass Top

10 UK business schools for business, management and finance research (RAE) Research centres include: Mergers & Acquisitions Research Centre Centre for Asset Management Research Emerging Markets Group Research Centre for Real Estate Finance Centre for Research in Asian Management Centre for Banking Research 90 % of our research of

international significance (RAE) Casss faculty are published in top industry journals Recent Speakers Jim ONeil Chairman of Asset Management, Goldman Sachs Jean Claude Trichet President European Central Bank, 2003 - 2011 Angela Knight CEO, British Bankers

Association, 2007 - 2012 Alistair Buchanon CEO, Ofgem, 2003 - 2013 Lord Adair Turner Visiting Professor, Cass Business School His Excellency Sha Peixin The Chinese Ambassador, Marketing in China Prof Joseph Stiglitz Make Globalisation Work George Osbourne

Chancellor of the Exchequer Term dates 2014 - 2015 INDUCTION Careers Week / Introduction 15 - 26 September Sep TERM I TERM II 4 Modules Oct

2014 Nov TERM III 4 Modules Term I dates 29 Sept. 7 December 2014 Exams 12 - 23 January 2015 Dec Jan Electives

Term II dates 26 January 3 April 2015 Exams 27 April 8 May 2015 Feb Mar BUSINESS RESEARCH PROJECT SUBMISSION DEADLINE, 1 SEPTEMBER Apr Term III dates 11 May

26 June 2015 Assessments 39 June 10 July 2015 May 2015 Jun Jul Aug Sep MSc in Quantitative Finance MSc in Financial Mathematics

Dr Laura Ballotta, Admissions Tutor Dr Dirk Nitzsche, Course Director Why choose the MSc in Financial Mathematics? Intends to provide the tools required to undertake high quality research in both financial and academic institutions Focuses on mathematical theory & programming tools Prepares students for a numbers of roles in the financial industry involving Model development

Product enhancement Implementation of variety of exotic derivative asset classes Why choose the MSc in Quantitative Finance? Intends to give students a sound understanding of the quantitative aspects of finance, used both by practitioners and academics Blend of economics, statistics, finance and programming Prepares students for a number of roles in the financial industry requiring extensive and indepth market analysis, or for a career in asset management TERM I: 4 CORE MODULES Financial Mathematics

Quantitative Finance Asset Pricing Numerical Methods 1: Foundations Mathematical Models for Financial Derivatives Derivatives Stochastic Calculus Foundations of Econometrics TERM II: 4 CORE MODULES Financial Mathematics

Quantitative Finance Fixed Income Securities Numerical Methods 2: Applications to Finance Risk Analysis Advanced Stochastic Modelling Methods in Finance Econometrics of Financial Markets Research Project Skills (1/2 module) Term III: 5 Electives or 1 elective plus project

Energy & Weather Derivatives Financial Extreme Value Statistics Advanced Financial Engineering Credit Risk Modelling and Credit Derivatives and many more

Econometrics Modelling Behavioural Finance Advanced Derivatives Technical Trading Private Equity Investment FM student intake 2013 Middle East South East Asia & Asia pacific 6% 3 European Union 22%

66% China 3 UK QF student intake 2013 China 21% 37% UK South East Asia

6% 9% 27% Other European European Union MSc in Mathematical Trading & Finance Prof. John Hatgioannides, Course Director Why MSc in Mathematical Trading & Finance? Excellent reputation of the course it is the first degree of this specialist nature worldwide running for its 17th year

Course complements theory and with current market practice Leading practitioners from quantitative and trading departments of financial institutions are teaching on the course. Bloomberg dealing room and Reuters facilities Cass offers students TRADERMADE, the leading platform for analytics/trading of FX (mainly) products Programme is offered full & part time Term 1 (OctoberDecember) 4 core modules: Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Calculus Derivatives 1: Forwards, Futures, Swaps: Theory and Dealing Room Applications Quantitative Asset Pricing

Advanced Financial Econometrics Term 2 (January March) 4 core modules: Derivatives 2; Beyond Black Scholes Valuation of Plain-Vanilla Options and the Pricing of Exotic Derivatives Numerical Methods Risk Analysis and Modelling Structured Equity and Energy Derivatives Term 3 (April-June) 1/5 elective modules: Advanced Financial Engineering and Credit Derivatives Fixed Income Arbitrage and Trading Quantitative Asset Management

Advanced Options Trading Trading and Hedging in the Foreign Exchange Markets Advanced Financial Modelling and Forecasting Technical Analysis and Trading Systems Project (June-July) MTF student intake 2013 China 15% Americas European Union 21% 6% 10%

11% Africa Middle East 6% UK 12% 19% Other European South East Asia & Asia Pacific

Scholarships & funding www.cass.city.ac.uk/masters/funding Private and corporate donors Awards available from between 1,000-20,000 To qualify for a scholarship you must be of a high academic calibre demonstrated by a first class degree or equivalent and be in need of financial assistance Online application The student community 1,200 students (Full and Part Time) Americas

Average age: 24 45% women Africa 9% 10% Over 100 Countries represented Asia 25% 59%

Europe Get involved Sporting clubs basketball, adventure sports, badminton, golf, cricket, ski/snowboarding, squash Business related clubs investments, trading floor, emerging markets, actuarial society Others include dance, film, food and wine and country specific interest clubs Student organised events include: 2013 Real estate conference

Cass M&A Conference 2013 Cass Management Consultancy Society - Emerging Markets New Safe Havens? Cass Finance Society - A Day in the Life of a TraderWhat Makes Traders Tick? Getting on the right career path Cass Careers Workshops

Interview preparation CVs and applications Assessment centres Networking Commercial awareness Presentation skills

Working with recruitment agencies Psychometric tests One to one appointments Opportunities to engage with employers September Careers Fair Organisations who participated in the Sept. 2013 MSc Careers Fairs Organisations who participated in the Sept. 2013 MSc Careers Fairs Active global community Global Alumni

Network 30,000 with lifetime access to the global on-line Cass alumni community Active global community Alumni Ball London Cass Women in Business (CWIB) Speaker Series: e.g., Women in Technology, Lehman Brothers Regular country reunions, events & Lord mayors receptions - Moscow,

Kuala Lumpur, New Delhi & Warsaw 43 events worldwide Cass Entrepreneurs Network: e.g., Trends in New Media, Christmas party Alumni receptions in cities including - Paris, Frankfurt, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sao Paulo & New York Applying

Online application University degree with 2.1 or higher UK equivalent Provisional or full degree transcript Two references academic and / or professional GMAT (if required by Course Director) English proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS) Conditional / Unconditional decisions are rendered on a rolling basis within 4-6 weeks after receipt of the required documents Keep in touch Search for the Cass MSc Diaries @Cassinthenews facebook/cassofficial Meet us in person: www.cass.city.ac.uk/courses/masters/events

London Finance Masterclass 25 February 2014, 19.00 Prof. Andrew Clare Associate Dean Cass MSc Programme Cutting off the tail: Is it possible to design investment strategies that limit tail risk? This free Masterclass is your opportunity to experience the sort of teaching our students enjoy on our MSc programmes taught in London. For more details and to register: www.cass.city.ac.uk/masterclasses Contact Us

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