New Employee Orientation Its all right here Agenda Introduction to the City of Cambridge Health and Safety WHMIS Policies and Procedures Orientation Focus Areas Its all right here

The City of Cambridge Cambridge is a thriving city located in Canada's rich, industrial heartland of southern Ontario, at the gateway to Canada's Technology Triangle. Formed in 1973, through the amalgamation of the three former municipalities of Galt, Hespeler and Preston and the surrounding region including Blair. Unique opportunity for business at the footstep of world markets and is ideally situated to network for trade and commerce across North America. Quality of life makes Cambridge a fine place to call home for

over 130,000 citizens. Environmentally focused. Its all right here Local Government Public As pir at io n s s ice rv Se

Council Direction Management Administrati on Its all right here Our Structure Public Council and Mayor City Manager Corporate

Services Development and Infrastructur e Community Services Office of the Chief Financial Officer Its all right here Working here! Pay Payroll

Includes Pay week Bi-weekly Salaried Full Time: Non Union CUPE 1882 Fire Mayor and Council Sunday to SaturdayPaid on the Thursday before the Pay Period End Date. Bi-weekly Hourly

Full time: Non Union Hourly CUPE 1882 Hourly Temp/Part-time: CUPE 1882 Friday to Thursday Paid on the following Thursday Weekly Hourly CUPE 32 Crossing Guards Non Union temp, part time and COA Wednesday to Tuesday

(timesheets due every Wed by 10:00am) paid on the following Thursday Its all right here Working Here! Vacation Permanent Full Time employees Paid vacation days All other employees Vacation pay as outlined by Employment Standards Act or by the collective agreement. Your offer letter details will outline the vacation entitlement. Its all right here Working Here! Benefits If you have extended health benefits, you

would have met with Human Resources to complete the necessary forms and learn more about our benefits package. Claim forms and receipts can be dropped off at HR and are sent to the carrier weekly. Questions about your specific coverage: Contact our carrier, Manion Wilkins Questions about benefits in general: Contact the Benefits Assistant, Paula Moniz Its all right here Working Here! OMERS Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement System Continuous Full Time hired as a permanent full time employee. Mandatory enrollment. Other-Than-Continuous-Full-Time - meets the eligibility criteria (worked at least 700 hours and/or earned at least 35% of the Yearly Maximum Pensionable Earnings

in the previous two calendar years). Voluntary enrollment. Once enrolled, you cant opt out. Contributions: this is a percentage of your earnings to help pay for your future pension. The City also contributes an equal amount. These contributions will fund a portion of your pension. Investment earnings of the OMERS Fund will fund the balance. For further information, refer to OMERS Its all right here Working Here! EFAP If you have extended health care benefits, you also have access to our Employee and Family Assistance Program. Homeweb helps you and your family live healthier, more productive lives. Access tools and resources to improve your nutrition and fitness, relationships at home and at work, stress level, overall mental

health, and so much more. ~www.homeweb.ca 1-800-663-1142 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Its all right here Working Here! Inclement Weather If the Municipal Offices are open as usual and should the extreme weather conditions make it difficult for employees to arrive at work at their regular starting time, the following procedure will be followed: If the employee telephones the supervisor within a half hour of the normal starting time, and indicates he cannot

report for work due to weather conditions, the employee will be reported on the absenteeism form as "absent with permission", with no pay unless wishing to use a vacation day and informing the supervisor of this in the telephone call. If the employee makes an effort to report for work and is late, the employee will be reported as "late" on the absenteeism form, however, there will be no loss of pay. If the employee telephones the supervisor and indicates sickness on such a day, the policy regarding sick leave will apply. all right here (Procedure HRLS Its 30.030) Working Here! Flex

arrangements Hours of work for City staff are determined by operational needs and the various collective agreements; however, the normal office hours for municipal offices are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, with normal scheduled lunch and break times. Staff may, with their Supervisors agreement and subject to any applicable Collective Agreement language, vary from these times as long the prescribed criteria in the Policy is met. Intended to accommodate individual employee needs without disruption to service. Supervisors will continue to be responsible for ensuring that existing levels of service be maintained when considering requests for flexible lunch and break arrangements. (Procedure HRLS-20.060)

Its all right here Working Here! Leaves of Absence The Employment Standards Act (ESA) outlines the minimum standards for workplaces in Ontario, and speaks directly to various leaves of absences: Pregnancy and Parental Critically ill child care Personal emergency Organ donor Family caregiver

Reservist Family medical Crime-related death or disappearance You may be eligible whether youre a full time, part time, permanent or term contract employee. For further information specific to you as to the various leave of absences, please refer to the ESA, applicable collective agreement, and/or Procedure HRLS 30.070. Its all right here Working Here! Collective Agreements and Non Union Handbook Collective Agreements and the Non-Union

Handbook can be found on CambridgeNet. We have four work groups at the City of Cambridge. Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1882 Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 32 Cambridge Professional Fire Fighters Association Non Union Its all right here Working Here! Scent sensitivity Employees are encouraged to refrain from using personal fragrances, perfume, colognes, body washes, etc. that may affect the health and/or result in sensitivity or allergic reactions by coworkers. Talk with your co-worker if comfortable doing

so to let them know that you are affected by the scented product they are wearing and ask to stop using that product. If you dont feel comfortable talking directly to your co-worker or if the concern remains, bring the issue to your supervisor. (Procedure HRLS Its 40.130) all right here Working Here! Dress Code The city expects a standard of dress, grooming, and personal hygiene from employees that is professional, respectful, and appropriate for our various work locations.

Uniforms Blazers, suits, or jackets Dress or tailored pants Dress shirts, golf shirts, sweaters, cardigans, polos Dress shoes/boots neat and clean Corporate wear Dresses, skirts (reasonable length) Dress shorts -between May 1 and Thanksgiving (reasonable length) Dress-Down Days/Casual Fridays encouraged to support the Cambridge Firefighters Basket Fund (Procedure HRLS 20.040)

Its all right here Appreciating Cambridge Employees We believe that our people are extremely valuable and deserve to know that their hard work and genuine effort is noticed and will be acknowledged. Service Recognition and Retirement Staff Appreciation Events Informal Recognition IRIS (Integrity, Respect, Inclusiveness, Service) Its all right here Vision and Mission Our vision is what we see today and what we hope for tomorrow:

Our mission describes why we exist as an organization: Its all right here Corporate programs Values and Behaviours These values: Guide our behaviour. Play an important role in the decisions and actions of the City. Serve as a foundation for the City's corporate culture. Are essential to the future success of the City. For further information, refer to Mission, Vision Values Its all right here

Corporate programsStrategic Plan Developed by listening to people who live, work, and play in Cambridge Connects the communitys vision and goals with our corporate mission, values and actions. Guides decision-making and helps direct tax dollars to community priorities and allows for the community to measure progress Focus is on People, Place, and Prosperity For further information refer to Strategic Its all Plan right here Corporate Programs Employee Testimonials

Its all right here Corporate Programs Continuous Improvement Its a means to finding a better way to do business on behalf of the city through: Identification of who our internal and external clients are Review of existing operating processes from the viewpoint of our client to understand goals, objectives and needs. Conducting reviews and use a team approach to problem solving Developing teams with employees across the organization from all levels. Its all right here

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