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Presentation to the Portsmouth Pensioners Association Tuesday 8 May 2012 Improving health services Portsmouth CCG: Our ambition and our plans Dr Tim Wilkinson Chair of the CCG Board Improving health services WHAT IS THE CCG? What does a CCG do? Formally established from April 2013 GPs working in a membership model Designing local health services

Work with: patients and the public Local authority Other healthcare professionals Commissioning services including: Elective hospital care Rehabilitation care Urgent and emergency care Most community health services Mental health & learning disabilities Not: Primary care Specialist services Public health Key Facts about Portsmouth CCG 215,000 registered patients 27 member practices Delegated budget 11/12 c.127m Full delegated budget 12/13 c.268m Co-terminous with Portsmouth City Council

- Four main providers: Portsmouth Hospitals Solent Care UK (ISTC and primary care) South Central Ambulance Service Portsmouth & South East Hampshire system c. 600,000 population Inherited strong financial and performance track record from predecessor PCT but system surrounding us is in difficulty Improving health services HOW DO WE OPERATE? NHS Commissioning Board Public and patients Practice Members Forum

Local Authority Health & Well Being Board Stakeholders CCG Governing Body Public Health Providers Improving health services WHO ARE WE? CCG GOVERNING BODY MEMBERS Dr Jim Hogan Clinical Leader & AO Dr Tim Wilkinson Chair of Board, GP executive Dr Elizabeth Fellows

GP executive Tom Morton Deputy Chair & Lay member Dr Dapo Alalade GP executive Jackie Powell Lay member Dr John Thornton GP executive Innes Richens Chief Operating Officer Paul Cox Practice Manager

Jo Gooch Chief Finance Officer Vacant Registered Nurse Vacant Secondary Care Doctor Dr Paul Edmondson-Jones Director of Public Health Margaret Geary Portsmouth City Council CCG CLINICAL LEADS Jim Hogan Urgent Care Tim Wilkinson

Planned Care Linda Collie Children & Families, Maternity Simon Wernick Mental Health, Learning Disabilities Jonathan Price End of Life, Continuing Care Jan Matthews Practice Manager representative Kevin Vernon Long-term conditions, prescribing Vacant Frail Elderly, Community Services Improving health services

OUR PURPOSE AND OUR VALUES What do we do? And why do we do it?: Our mission IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH SERVICES Enable GP surgeries as our members to: Work with our patients, the public & our partners To invest in improving & better health services Within our available resources GETTING THE BEST FOR THE PORTSMOUTH POUND! Improving health services

OUR CITY : A PORTRAIT OF PORTSMOUTH 1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 older people live in poverty (up to 67% in places) City is an area of only 15 sq miles 207,000 people live within the City 100% urban Most densely populated city in Europe (outside London) Strong university and naval base presence 7.6m visitors a year generating 373m 90 languages spoken in schools 16% of children live in an household with no wage earner

1% of households without toilet, bath or shower 19% of households do not have central heating 68.4% of children get 5 GCSE A*-C making the City the second worse in the country 30% of men have no qualifications Many children have not been to the seaside Record for the most times a football club has gone into administration! 40% of households do not have internet access 70% of schools have healthy school status Life expectancy is rising particularly for female which are now above the national average Improving health services WHAT PEOPLE TELL US Improving health services WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACHIEVE? WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE? Continuity of care with someone who has access to your records Local but resilient

practices working formally together community & social care wrapped around the practice Integrated nursing teams Access to specialist advice Access to services Primary Care Communications, information & data An IT system across practices Choices clearly signposted Pathways uncomplicated & easy to access Referrals/forms populated directly from patient records Results & discharge information electronic & at speed Services accessible & convenient to those that need them Range of services 7 days per week for those things that should not wait Specialised services provided in community Range of local centres St Marys Health Campus as local hub

Consistent care every day & hour Extended hours access Good physical access Individual responsibility & accountability Greater recognition of individual responsibilities High awareness of cost Choose well right time as well as right place Unplanned care requested/ accessed only when cannot be avoided Improving health services HOW WILL WE KNOW? The CCG Corporate Wheel We are developing a set of outcomes measures that will tell us whether we are achieving what we set out to do Each domain in the wheel has several measurable

segments that will be reported routinely to the CCG Board Improving health services OUR MAIN PRIORITIES Improving health services OUR JOURNEY TO AUTHORISATION Timeline for Wave one applicants April 2012 Pre-application review by Strategic Health Authority June to October 2012 Application and Assessment Process June 2012 Stakeholder Survey July 2012 Application submitted September 2012 Site Visit by NHS Commissioning Board Around 45 stakeholders Experience of CCG to date Potential to deliver in the future

October 2012 Authorised April 2013 Statutory organisation Delivering and improving health services Apr 12 Apr 13 OUR AMBITION The CCG wants to be: Making a difference to the health of our population Being responsive to local circumstances and needs Not driven by targets set for us, but working bottom up Visible and engaging with our patients and public Perceived as competent and capable by our stakeholders Achieving early and full authorisation Improving health services Any questions? Improving health services

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