TITLE PAGE (30pt Arial Narrow) - Monash University

TITLE PAGE (30pt Arial Narrow) - Monash University

MONASH MEDICINE, NURSING & HEALTH SCIENCES International Enrolment Session 2017 Presenter Collect Course Enrolment Form Note preprinted 1st year level units Confirm units listed on the form Consult with staff from your School/ Department

Submit your signed Course Enrolment Form Go to Monash Connect Have picture taken Receive your ID card Allocate + (if required) Timetable Additional Enrolment tasks Consult with staff from your School/ Department

Orientation 20-24 February Select Orientation events using the ePlanner Enrolment Procedure COMPUTER ACCOUNT REMINDER: HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR YOUR COMPUTER ACCOUNT? If you haven't already done so, do it now! All students need to register for a computer account. This information was provided to you as part of your offer pack information. This enables you to access: Monash student email WES (Web Enrolment System) Exam results & academic transcript

Allocate Plus (Timetable system) For further details, see Monash Connect 3 COURSE ENROLMENT FORM 2016 Student ID: 846591038 Title MS Gender: Course Code: 0040 Family Name: F Course Title: Version: 2 SMITH

Date of Birth: 29/02/84 MBBS Given Names: JANE Campus: CLAYTON Current HECS Status: POSTAL ADDRESS: EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS: J SMITH 7 Happy Valley Way Relationship: Family Name: Given Name: Address: Happy Valley VIC 3333

Telephone (BH) (AH) Telephone (BH) 9999 9999 (AH) 0418 999 999 Mobile: Email: PLEASE NOTE: All Students: You can change your address, obtain your exam timetable, obtain your results and obtain an unofficial transcript at http://my.monash.edu.au/wes/ New Students: To obtain your University login name and password go to the web at www.monash.edu.au/students/computer Re-enrolling Students: Read only information for re-enrolment can be found at http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/ssd/reenrol DISTANCE EDUCATION STUDENTS ONLY: Unit Code MED1011 MED1022 Self Help Group: Unit Name (Brief Text) MEDICINE 2 MEDICINE 2

Yes NoYes Teaching Period 1 2 Yes NoNo Examination Centre Code: Location: Campus Location CLAYTON CLAYTON Class Type DAY DAY Credit Points

Department. Authorisation 24 24 LEGEND Teaching Period: Semester available 1 = Semester 1, 2 = Semester 2, FY- Full Year). Research Teaching Period: R1=Research Semester 1, R2=Research Semester 2, Class Type: Day, Evening, DE = Distance Education HIGHER DEGREE CANDIDATES UNDERTAKING RESEARCH COMPONENTS: Academic Department: Field of Education Attendance % Research Sem 1 (EFTSU): Research Sem 2 (EFTSU) Research %: Research Commencement Date : Exp. Submission Date: Supervisor(s): STUDENT DECLARATION I acknowledge that, within the confines of legal authority and requirements, the University maintains a policy of strict confidentiality regarding University held student information. I understand and agree that information concerning me may be released only in accordance

with this policy, a summary of which is to be found in the Student Resource Guide. I acknowledge that I am bound by the statutes and regulations of the University. I agree to pay all fees and levies charged directly to me arising from my enrolment. I consent to receiving written information electronically. Student Signature: Faculty Approval Stamp Processed Date Date: 01/ 01/ 16 Version 3 (December 2001) This form MUST be completed in your course information session and submitted TODAY to staff to formalise your enrolment. REMEMBER TO SIGN THE FORM ENROLMENT AND STUDY LOAD LIMITS International students on a student visa: Cannot take units that do not count towards

their course completion if this results in an extension to their student visa end date. Must maintain a full time study load of 24 points each semester. May not take more than 24 points of study each semester Overloading (exceeding the 24pt limit) is restricted to students who have completed at least one year of university study and have achieved at least a credit average in the previous academic year. CREDIT If you believe you are eligible to receive credit for prior study, please discuss this with your Course Advisor. You are required to provide certified academic transcripts, proof of award completion (if applicable) & unit outlines/syllabus of completed subjects. Credit Application forms must be submitted by the second week of semester. 6 Deadline for change of enrolment Last day to ADD units to your enrolment: End of the Second week of semester Last day to DISCONTINUE units: Semester 1 - March 31st

Semester 2 - August 31st Discontinuation of units after this date incur academic and financial penalties please refer to WES for details. My.monash portal You can use the portal to: Access your student email account View important dates Get notices about actions you need to take and details of upcoming events Link to online systems Allocate+, Class timetable & Moodle Access study resources, including Booklists Monash Email Account Important information from the University is sent to student email accounts - only. In most cases no hard copy information is sent to your home address. Check it at least twice a week TIP Download the my.monash app and have access to: Email and Moodle access Important dates

Latest notices and news Live updates on service interruptions Online campus maps Web Enrolment System (WES) You can use WES to: Complete your enrolment questionnaire Apply to defer, discontinue or intermit your course Update your unit enrolment & personal details View/print your results (unofficial academic record) Register to receive your results via SMS View your Advanced Standing (credit) if applicable Check your timetable (including exams) 9 Important information about your Monash ID card

10 A new ID card will be mailed to you during February/March 2017 Make sure your postal address is correct: my.monash.edu.au/wes Youll need to carry both ID cards until April: Use the ID card issued to you initially for building access Use the new M-Pass ID card for printing Well let you know when you dont need the old card any more. More than just an ID card Your M-Pass card is linked to an online account, so you can use it to: Add credit to pay for printing, copying and library fines Borrow books etc from the library More information monash.edu/connect/m-pass

Release printing/copying at the printer using either your M-Pass card or username & password 11 Allocate + (Monash Universitys Online Class Allocation System) After enrolling in units, you may need to allocate into lectures, tutorial and practical classes using ALLOCATE + (link available via WES). This should be completed as soon as possible as it closes for sorting on Thursday 16 February 5pm before providing you with your final timetable. MOODLE Moodle is a learning platform which provides information on your enrolled units, including: Unit outlines/guides

Assignment & assessment policies Clinical information (if applicable) Access to online lectures (if applicable) Important dates & transition information TIP Enrol in the Monash 101 unit to learn about academic integrity, techniques for learning and student success, and more. HANDBOOK Course and unit outlines are available in the online handbook. The unit entry provides an overview of the unit, assessment criteria and unit contact hours etc. The first 3 letters represents the school/department offering the unit. The first number is a year level indicator. ie HSC1xxx Unit level (Postgraduate/ Undergraduate)

Prerequisite/ co-requisite rules Prohibited units Note: Undergraduate students cannot enrol in post graduate level units. http://monash.edu.au/pubs/2017handbooks/ 13 SUMMER SEMESTER The University runs a Summer semester during November February each year Details regarding unit offerings and timetables for the upcoming summer semester will be available from September. 14 Clinical Placement Mandatory Requirements If you are undertaking units with clinical placement you are required to meet

additional enrolment tasks, including: Working With Children Check Police Check (annual) Immunisations Remember: It is your responsibility to have completed all mandatory requirements prior to your placement! Monash Connect Monash Connect offer the following services: Administrative services - ID cards, enrolments, fees, graduations, exams, scholarships, parking, timetables, travel concessions, official letters and transcripts . International student support - advice on visas, eCOE, and residency. Financial assistance - with loans, grants and budgeting advice. View online answers or submit an enquiry with ask.monash Visit Monash Connect on your campus Mon Fri, 9am 5pm Student Support Services DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES

https://www.monash.edu/disability Promotes access and equity for students who have a disability, medical or mental health condition. ENGLISH CONNECT/ LANGUAGE AND LEARNING ONLINE English connect - If you want to improve and further develop your English language skills, join any of our English Connect programs. They're a fun, free way to meet and talk with other students, ask questions and share a learning experience. There are no assessment, exams, lectures, or books - just interactive programs delivered by specially trained students. Language and Learning Online - This online service is available to students who would like to improve their academic performance. The resources include online tutorials, interactive exercises, and examples of writing for subjects. 17 Student Support Services continued Monash University International Student Life https://www.study.monash/student-life/services-for-students/international-students

Faculty Student Academic Support Unit (SASU) http://www.med.monash.edu.au/current/sasu.html Associate Professor Wendy McKenzie Director, International student welfare Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences [email protected] Visit: https://www.monash.edu/students/support for a full list of Monash support services. 18 ORIENTATION O Week 20-24 February 2017 The official start to the semester! Create your own program via the Orientation ePlanner. Some sessions are compulsory and we recommend you also attend the optional activities relevant to you. For further information visit the Orientation website: www.monash.edu.au/orientation/

NEXT Check your unit selection with course administrator SIGN and hand in your completed Enrolment form Go to Monash Connect to collect your ID Card Go to Uni Life Pop Up Log into Allocate + to select timetable preferences REMEMBER Make sure you have had your Authority to enrol form stamped as you will not be able to collect your ID card without the stamp!

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