Agenda Item #4.a Education, Training and Workforce Development Division Presentation to the ANS Board of Directors Marsha Bala, PHD Chair Elizabeth Benevidas Vice Chair June 15, 2016 New Orleans, LA Division Mission Promotes exchange of views and information on matters related to nuclear education, training, & workforce development Links the academic, industrial, and governmental communities Involves educators, trainers, and students working together on nuclear education issues including content and process Enriches professional development through our topical Educates the general public

Advances nuclear science and engineering Provides a venue for collaboration on nuclear training Promotes workforce development initiatives Division Governance: Officers Chair Dr. Marsha Bala (INL) 1st Vice Chair vacant 2nd Vice Chair Ms. Liz L. McAndrew-Benavides (NEI) Secretary Dr. Jane A. LeClair Treasurer Mr. Andrew E. Thomas (INL) Treasurer elect Ryan Boscow (PNNL) Division Governance Board Members Marsha J. Bala (2016) Ryan B. Boscow (2018) Blair P. Bromley (2017)

Ms. Valerie Vasilievas Richard P. Coe (2018) Stephen M. Johnson (2016) Jane A. LeClair (2017) Elizabeth McAndrew-Benavides (2016) Staff Liaison Board Liaison Dr. Yousry Y. Azmy Ex Officio Kenneth C. Okafor (2016) Anthony M. Scopatz (2017) Dennis S. Sentell (2018) Andrew E. Thomas (2016)

Nicholas W. Thompson (2018) Steven L. Ward (2017) Dr. Hans Gougar Ms. Lisa Marshall Division Governance Executive Committee Dr. Marsha Bala Nominating Committee Ms. Lisa Marshall University/Industry/Government Relations

Committee Dr. Marsha Bala Honors and Awards Committee Dr. Richard Coe Membership Committee Dr. Marsha Bala Program Committee Ms. Lisa Marsha Workforce Development TBD Finance Committee Mr. Drew Thomas CONTE 2015 Program Dr. Jane LeClair and Mr. Gregg Ludlam ETWD Website Dr. Jane LeClair Communications Communication Bi-Annual Newsletter Website http://etwdd.ans.org Division Membership 1500 1400 1300

1200 1100 1000 900 1321 1284 1235 1232 1221 1172 1160 1155 800 10299901058 700 600 500 6 0 4 5

7 8 9 1 2 3 5 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 20 20 20

20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Division Membership Education, Training, and Workforce Development Division Division by Industry as of December 31, 2015 Retired; 8.72% Consulting Co.; 10.87% Student; 8.36% Gov't Agency; 5.50% National Lab; 4.90% Engineering Firm; 4.30%

Utility; 18.04% Supplier; 2.75% Service Co.; 2.63% Manufacturer; 1.67% Educational Institution; 24.85% Constr. Co.; 1.55% Active Military; 1.08% Prvt. Research Lab/Test Lab; 0.72% Not Employed; 0.60% N/A; 0.48% Division Membership: Students Division Finances

2015 Revenue 2015 Expenses Dues $2,344 Meetings $2,584 $2,734 $777 $2,800 $11,000 $55,105 Total Revenue: $57,449

Total Expenses: $19,894 Division Funds Balance at 12/31/15: $117,070 Awards, Plaques National Meeting Costs Student Support Scholarship & NEED Funding Other Expenses Contributions to the Society Workforce development panel discussions at each annual and winter meeting University/Industry/Government Relations Committee

Conference on Nuclear Training and Education CONTE ETWDD endorses/sponsors three ANS Position Statements: 21- Stewardship of Nuclear Engineering Education 29 - Maintaining Viable Nuclear Industry Workforce (recently submitted for review of revision) 53 - Research and Training Reactors Division Meeting Participation National & International Meeting Participation: 3 to 5 sessions plus 2 to 3 panels at every summer & winter ANS meeting CONTE 07, 09, 11, 13, 15 Class 1 Topical European Nuclear Society - NESTet June 2011, Prague 2 funded attendees August 2013, Madrid 1 funded attendee

2016, -- 1 funded attendee Presenters funded in part through Division Funding tied to paper presentation Scholarships, Support and Awards Scholarships Sponsor Lamarsh Scholarship Kent W. Hamlin Scholarship Michael Lineberry Scholarship (New 2015) Peer Recognition/Awards Robert L. Long Training Excellence Award Training Pioneer Awards Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education

Student Support Provide resources to Student Sections for travel Funding for Annual Student Conference Glasstone Award (ANS Student Section) Mark Mills Award (Graduate Student) Student Design Contest for undergraduate/graduate Sponsor Student Sessions with Best Paper Awards Summary Areas of Success Financial picture is robust and sustainable CONTE continues to grow and thrive Fully funded Michael Lineberry Memorial Scholarship Focus for Future Action Additional scholarships Inter-division collaboration Longer term vision of commitment to initiatives

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