Topss-teachers of Psychology in Seconday Schools

Topss-teachers of Psychology in Seconday Schools

APA Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools The High School Teacher Affiliate Organization of the American Psychological Association Mission: To promote the scientific nature of introductory and advanced high school psychology to meet curricular needs of secondary school teachers to provide opportunities for high

school students to be recognized and rewarded for their academic excellence. Statistics: Approximately 1,500 members of TOPSS Estimated 6,000 7,000 high school psychology teachers Estimated 370,000 - 500,000 high school students of psychology Over 150,000 students taking AP Psychology IB and Regular Psychology also taught Are you a member?

How to Join All teachers of high school psychology are invited to join ( Membership in TOPSS means affiliate membership in APA The fee is just $40 a year Affiliate membership includes Subscriptions to the Monitor on Psychology magazine and the PTN newsletter Access to all TOPSS Members Only online resources Discounted APA journal subscriptions Discounted conference and workshop registration fees The membership year runs Jan 1 Dec 31.

Those who join in the fall (September-December) will receive membership benefits beginning immediately and running throughout the next calendar year! Current Programs and Activities: National Standards for High School Psychology Curricula Outlines the content that should be taught in a high school psychology classroom Available online at Defines 5 core domains in psychology:

Methodology Biopsychology Developmental Psychology Cognitive Psychology Variations in Individual and Group Behavior Current Programs and Activities: Unit Lesson Plans A signature product of TOPSS Provide detailed guidance for teachers in developing lesson plans in psychology Each plan includes Content outline

Activities & demonstrations Suggested readings Essay & discussion prompts Current Programs and Activities: Unit Plans Available (in print or online at Biological Bases of Behavior Development An Introduction to CrossCultural Psychology An Introduction to the Field of Psychology Learning

Memory Motivation and Emotion Personality Positive Psychology Psychological Disorders Sensation and Perception States of Consciousness The Stats Pack: Statistics Without Fear Treatment of Psychological Disorders Stress and Health Promotion Social Psychology Psychology of Sexual

Orientation Psychoanalysis Current Programs and Activities: Psychology Teacher Network (PTN) Quarterly newsletter that features Scholarly and cutting edge articles relevant to introductory psychology Activities and demonstrations Book reviews Workshop & contest announcements Dear Doctor questions answered by scholars in the field

Circulated to TOPSS and [email protected] members, and college teachers of introductory psychology. Current Programs and Activities: High School Teacher Workshops Conducted by college and high school faculty Provides new and relevant information that enhances teaching and learning in psychology classrooms Annual APA/Clark University Workshop For a list of this years workshops:

html Current Programs and Activities: Science Fair Initiative Promotes psychology science fair projects nationwide Encourages high school psychology teachers to mentor student research Supported by the Conducting Psychological Research for Science Fairs manual For more information see .html

Current Programs and Activities: Regional & State Coordinators Points of contact for members interested in TOPSS activities Help coordinate local and regional networking opportunities Facilitates mentoring for new psychology teachers Current Programs and Activities:

Regional & State Coordinators Meet your regional coordinators! Northeast: Nate Naughton (ME, VT, NH, CT, RI, MA, NY, NJ) West: Chuck Schallhorn (CA, NV, OR, WA, UT, AK, HI) Midwest : Mike McLane (IN, IL, MI, OH, KY, TN) Eastern: Sandy Idstein (DE, MD, PA, DC, VA, WV) Plains: Kirk Stevens (SD, ND, MO, NE, IA, WI, MN) Southeast: Richard Murphy (SC, FL, GA, AL, MS, LA, NC) Southwest: Scott Reid (TX, OK, KS, AR, NM, AZ) Rocky Mountain : Pam Roberts (CO, WY, ID, MT) Canada : Julia Bryant-Taneda Latin America : Viviana Mendoza Contact information can be found at Current Programs and Activities: Speakers Bureau Lists psychologists who are interested in speaking to high school classrooms Available online at u.html

Choose speakers by Topic area Area of the country Current Programs and Activities: Scholarships, Grants, & Awards For Teachers: TOPSS Excellence in Teaching Awards Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) Block Grants For Students: TOPSS Scholars Essay Contest Academic Achievement in Psychology Recognition Program for High School

Students Intel ISEF Awards and ISEF-affiliated regional fair certificates Current Programs and Activities: Psychology Awareness Initiative Promotes psychology classes in high schools Provides suggestions and resources for increasing student enrollment in psychology classes Proposes community awareness activities that highlight psychology in peoples lives For more information see

ed/topss/psychaware.html Current Programs and Activities: Psychology Clubs Provides a way for students to get more involved in psychology Offers students ways to volunteer in the community Educates the school and community about psychology in daily life For more information see

ml Current Programs and Activities: Minority Recruitment Project Increases awareness of psychology to students of various backgrounds Helps minority students explore career options in psychology Establishes partnerships with minority college faculty For more information see Other

Resources: Online Psychology Laboratory ( PowerPoint Demonstrations from APA Divisions ( ed/topss/topss_demos.html) TOPSS Listserv Get Involved! Establish local support networks of high school & college psychology teachers Encourage quality content by using the National Standards Become a state coordinator Enter your students in TOPSS contests

Encourage student APA affiliate membership Run for positions on the TOPSS Committee Mentor new teachers of high school psychology Website Your portal for all things TOPSS High school psychology becomes stronger when we all work together!

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