Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management THE ICFAI UNIVERSITY SIKKIM Sonam T Venchungpa BEE (Jadavpur University) IIM, Bangalore Brief of the Presentation Quality Meaning of TQM Gurus/Marg Darshak of Quality Philosophy of TQM Basic Approach to TQM Tools and Techniques Cultural Change Dimensions of Quality Dimension

Meaning and Example Performance Primary Product Characteristics Features Secondary Characteristics Conformance Meeting Specifications or Industry Standards Reliability Consistency over time

Durability Useful life Service Ease of repair Response Human interface Aesthetics Sensory Characteristics Reputation

Past performance/ Brand Meaning of TQM Total Whole not part or parts Quality Excellence of Product or services Management- Art or Science . A response system Philosophy and Guiding Principles Integration of management techniques, tools, continuous improvement Gurus/Marg Darshak WA Shewhart (AT & T) : Control Charts WE Demmings : Statistical Process Control JM Juran (Western Electric) : Plan, Control &

Improve AV Feigenbaum : Customer Requirements K Ishikawa : Cause and Effect PB Cosby : Conformance. G Tagguchi : Robust Design of Parameters & Tolerences Philosophy of TQM To integrate organizational functions in meeting customer needs Organizations is a collection of processes Continuously improve (knowledge & experience) DO THE RIGHT THINGS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME EVERY TIME. Basic Approach to TQM

Long Term Commitment & Involvement Focus on Customer (Internal & External) Involvement of Human Resource Continuous involvement of Business & Process Integration of Suppliers and Customers Establish Performance Measures Tools & Techniques Bench Marking Information Technology QM Systems : ISO Standards Quality Function Deployment Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Statistical Process Control TQM Framework

Princi ples and Practi ce Produ ct/ Servic e Realiz ation Custo mer Cultural Change Quality Element

Previous State TQM Definition Product Oriented Customer Oriented Priorities Second to All First among Equals Decisions

Short Term Long Term Emphasis Detection Prevention Errors Operations System Responsibility

Quality Control Everyone Problem Solving Managers Teams Procurement Price Partnership Managers Role

Plan, Assign, Control & Enforce Delegate, Coach, Facilitate, and Mentor Thank U

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