Toward a Polymorphic Future Internet:

Toward a Polymorphic Future Internet:

TOWARD A POLYMORPHIC FUTURE INTERNET: AN INTERNET SCIENCE APPROACH Kav Salamatian, LISTIC, Universit de Savoie Once upon a time, , in the beginning And now ! Happy birthday !!!! Three anniversaries in 2009 20 years of WWW 30 years of USENET

40 years of Internet Internet: a global media The Hourglass as the model From clear layers to spaghetti ICA/Citrix L2TP KaZaa SOAP XMLRPC IRC HTTP


Ethernet The Real Internet looks like 8 The R&D Learning Curve Solution complexity Solutions proposed Solutions in use Understanding of problem area early middle late New Cycle Industry transfer time 9

Solution complexity New challenges in Networking Opposite forces Applications Regulation Economy Management Complexity Are Were here or there or both! early middle late time 10

Nowadays Pocket switched networks I have 100M bytes of data, who can carry for me? Dont give to me! I am running out of storage. Thank you but you are in the opposite direction! Give it to me, I have 1G bytes phone flash. I can also carry for you!

Reach an access point. There is one in Search La my Bonheme.m pocketp3 for me Internet Search La Bonheme.m p3 for me Search La Bonheme.m p3 for me Finally,

it arrive Go back to basics A network is build of components Cooperating to transmit information from point to point. Actual layered architecture is just one specific type of collaboration

Collaborating through protocols Autonomous networking idea Local in a node or distributed Sitting in one layer or crossing layers Tightly or lightly coupled Moving from pile view to puzzle view Need for new theoretical framework Cooperation ? Full Cooperation

Do the best possible behavior to reach a goal Assuming full collaboration Is the goal achievable ? How to achieve the goal ? Multi-user information Theory Noncooperative Selfish behavior

Different rational goal How to mitigate conflicting rational goal ? Game theory Malicious behavior Harmful goal How to contain irrational objectives ? Behavioral inference Cooperation framework Each Node implement a forwarding function

The forwarding function implement the cooperation (Y t' 1 ) ( , Y2t' , , YNt' =f i X10:t , X 20:t , , X N0:t ) M it X1t X f i( ) t 2

X Nt Y1t' , Y2t' , YMt' Forwarding function Examples Flooding Yjt+e = Xit "i, j , t Routing Y t+e

j X it = f t i if cond( X ) else Distributed computation Yot+ kT = f(Xit , Xit+T ,, Xit+ kT ) Network coding t+T Yj = Any other ?

a j,t j

Is the clean slate approach appropriate? Any transition methodology? How difficult do you expect that a new architecture would be adopted? We have a few examples on how difficult it is to change the current architecture: multicast, mobile IP, Intserv/Diffserv, and IPv6. Any enabling factor? Explore the possible Future(s) of

the Internet Realistic view Continuous evolution and change Usage and Services will become predominant User-centric approach to system design On-line social networks Greening the Internet Other factors than technology will be instrumental Economics, Social behaviors, Entry cost, Regulation A single architecture ?

The future Internet might be Polymorphic Various research projects, scientists and people will propose new ideas GENI, FIND, FIRE, etc Building blocks Architectures Flexibility is the major constraint of future Internet Flexibility or the internet

contortionist to accommodate Future Internet polymorphism Enable different cooperation paradigms in parallel. Enable easy deployment of new application deployment. Without raising routing and addressing to the application

As Peer to Peer and overlay networks A network where one could implement, and deploy its new network protocols or cooperation schemes without disturbing other running protocols Virtualization, the enabler Properties Isolation

Encapsulation Fault, software and performance isolation All VM state can be captured into a file Interposition` All guest actions go through monitor Monitor can inspect, modify, deny operations PlanetLab, OneLab, XORP, etc. Security, Internet Achille

Heels What should be in future Internet security strong encryption and authentification ? VPNs Proxies ? Secure routing ? Future Internet minimal security A secure execution environment

An authentication mechanism A code should be executed the way it is designed and not differently Local of global authentication ? Monitoring Interposition layer ?` Scalability or the delusion of grandeur Active BGP entries (FIB)

349893 All BGP entries (RIB) 10775196 Compact space routing y d-dimensional space with n zones (x,y) Peer Q(x,y) Query/ Resource 2 zones are neighbor if d-1 dim overlap Routing path of length:

Q(x,y) Algorithm: Choose the neighbor nearest to the destination key Fundamental question Is it possible to design a compact space routing for any application ? Enabling continuous deployment of New architectures Policies Monitoring First applied to Test-beds federation

Security Federation IP world Virtualized substrate 26 Vision The Facility framework 27 Experimentally driven research Why?

What? Enforce a Federation effort on building a large-scale facility for Internet research 28 Research driven by Intuition & Experimentation + validation A Playground for enabling new architectures Shorter time to System/Market Complementary to Network Science Building, Operating, Maintaining a testbed is costly Diversity and scale Lower the entry cost for experimentation

Conclusions Two main positions Future Internet should be polymorphic Enable the coexistence of different networking paradigms in the same framework Virtualisation is a key enabler Future Internet needs a networking science To have strong foundations rooted in Physics, information theory, economics, sociology, ethnology, etc

Cooperation is a strong concept Conclusions Issues To develop this networking science Flexibility Virtualization is key We are moving toward a no architecture Security

Sandbox, authentification and monitoring should be integrated to architecture Scalability Is it possible to construct infinitely scalable addressing and routing schemes Clean Slate approach should enable the coexistence of different addressing/routing schemes.

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